Getreadyimages® is a worldwide media and creative agency for commercial sports photography and video production.

With offices in the United States, Greece and Spain, getreadyimages® covers major sporting events and corporate assignments globally. Getreadyimages® provides a global image service with powerful and outstanding content: from still and motion production to photo managing and media planning. Getreadyimages® has recently been present in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, 2016 European Athletic World Championships in Amsterdam and the Pre-Olympic 6 Nations Invitational of Hockey.

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We love and we care about the visual content we create.

OLIVA, SPAIN - APRIL 3: during the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour on April 3, 2016 in Oliva, Spain. (Photo by David Aliaga)
We take your event and sponsorship to the next level

Our powerful and vibrant images help our clients to grow their events and take them to next level.

We provide high quality and elegant iconic content

Our images are a perfect mix of action, composition, background and a delightful treatment of light.

Live editing and fast paced on location workflow

Our fast paced on location workflow let us to provide a high demanding service and a short-delay of time image delivery the top events deserve.

Open minded and creative team

Portraying your ambassadors from a new perspective
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - SEPTEMBER 7: Usain Bolt (JAM) at the IAAF Golden League meeting at the Memorial Van Damme Stadium. (Photo by Angelos Zymaras / az sports images

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27-06-2016 Firma convenio Airnostrum con La Presidenta Lay Hoon. Oficinas del Valencia CF, Valencia.
CEO & Cofounder


Born in Valencia in 1982. (BA) Hons in Film and Media Studies (2000-2005) and (BA) Hons in Journalism (2005-2007) from the University of  CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia, and Université Catholique de Lille, France. Currently in the role of Photographer, Venue Photo Manager and Photo Editor, he has also worked as TV sports reporter, stage director, cameraman, video-editor, creative director, and writer for websites and written press.

“I’m looking for three essentials things when shooting: where the light comes from, how I want to compose the picture and what is the background”.

Light / Composition / Background


Born in Greece, Angelos is a professional Sports Photographer and Photo Manager with more than twenty five years of experience, offering great knowledge in Photo Management, planning and implementing all aspects of Photo Services. He holds a (BA) in Photography and Design.

“My twenty-five years experience as sports photographer let me know photographer needs in huge sporting events like the Olympics”.

Experience / Management / Knowledge

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Photo Supervisor and Cofounder

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