Youth Teachers College Party Committee Party Secretary participated in the collective congregation of the Structure Class Teacher

Youth Teachers College Party Committee Party Secretary participated in the collective congregation of the Structure Class Teacher

On the afternoon of December 5, He Ruihu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yuzhang Teachers College, rang the door of the Marxist College, sitting with all the thinking and political classes, and launched the Group’s Collection Class Wisband for the Teaching Teachers Teachers in Yuzhang Teachers College.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Marxist college introduced the current situation and effectiveness of the reform of the school, and the interactive class teachers also surrounded the online teaching interaction form, teaching experiment reform, curriculum design, and three school collective preparation experience. The discussion is carried out.

After listening to the sharing of reporting and thinking, He Ruihu said to the practices of teachers to actively innovate the teaching methods of thinking and political education, and express their affirmation and appreciation.

He Ruihu pointed out that the ideological and political work is related to what kind of person to cultivate, how to cultivate people and to cultivate the fundamental problem for people, and do a good job in ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and the teaching and political teaching teaching is the party’s education. The main channels, and the thinking teachers are important "leaders", and the collective preparation will be an important way to interworking, and inspect education results.

He Ruihu emphasized that one must continue to improve the theoretical level and teaching level of the thinking class, adhere to the times, learn the latest theoretical knowledge, and build a cross-sectional communication mechanism of different professional teachers and thinking classes, let the people who are really faith come. Speaking of beliefs, enhance the intensive courses, influence. Second, in the innovative thinking teaching method, the practice of learning, adopting students who are happy, enhance the affinity and appeal of thinking students.

Third, we must insist on deepen the "online + practice" "1 + N" practice teaching model and system, give full play to the active initiative of teachers and students, tap their own advantages, actively, and education. The school party committee has always attached great importance to the work of thinking and political education, and insists on strengthening the construction of the intersection, the innovative courses system, creative practice teaching, etc.

The collective preparation contended for this thinking class teacher is also a powerful measures for the spirit of the spirit of the national colleges and universities.

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