The beauty of the environment is bright, and the old yard has passed the song.

The beauty of the environment is bright, and the old yard has passed the song.

"There is very big here, like moving a new home!" The residents who were reheated in the event room said that they did not think that there was no warm gas in the past 40 years. More than 10 privately built all demolitions, the airlines in the air, The network cable, the cable TV cable "three-wire" is located.

The old people have more than 1200 square meters of day care centers, as well as exclusive entertainment rooms.

Since 2019, the Xinhua District, Pingdingshan City began to launch the renovation of the old community, built a group of courtesy with Xinhua, including the transformation of the No. 15, Shuguang Street, became a business card in many highlights.

Tang Meng, director of the Xinhua District Housing and Construction Bureau of Pingdingshan City, said that the district government has invested 4.2 million yuan in the community. By demolishing private compulsory, greening hardening, internal and external powder brush, governing the upper water pipe network, combing the strong and weak electricity to make the community The access control is prohibited from accessing the motor vehicles, and the new car shed, charging area, meets the need for non-motor vehicle parking and charging of residents. Opened more than 200 square indoor and outdoor event venues, renovating the east side of the courtyard, adding activities equipment and rest seats, and the residents’ fitness play in the community. Be face, he is more heavy. According to the security of the Xinhua Xinhua District Committee Secretary, Xinhua District has used the old community renovation work as an important starting of the urban human living environment, eliminating the urban dual structure, promoting urban quality improvement, through more complete infrastructure supporting construction, Good miles, pay attention to the first solving demand for people’s livelihood and other people’s livelihood such as hydropower polls, open the effective connection of residential areas and urban pipe network, reasonable planning static transportation and community microcirculation road construction, introduced wisdom parking, medical treatment, electricity, travel, etc. Wisdom City concept Improve urban soft strength, improve the sense of happiness and satisfaction of the public. The old-China community transformation is "warm heart project" is "Minsheng Engineering".

In Pingdingshan City, a total of 944 old communities built before 2000 were combined, gradually completed by three years, involving 10,637 houses in 3,169 buildings, and is expected to invest billions of dollars.

In 2021, Pingdingshan City plans to renovate 258 old communities, involving 24362 households in 766 buildings, transforming an area of ??10,000 square meters.

Constantly meeting the needs of the people’s lives, Henan Province has been increasing the old community renovation into Henan Province’s top ten people’s livelihood. Over the past two years, the province has completed the completion of 9884 communities, benefiting 1260,000 people. As of the end of October, 4084 communities in Henan were completed, involving thousands of people, and completing the annual target task.

According to statistics, there are about 10,000 old communities that meet the standards of renovation of renovation of the renovation of the renovation of the transformation, involving 1.9 million people.

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