Ye Ting: Fire Hot Blood Casting (Struggling Broad Years Road Qihang New Journey · Number List)

Ye Ting: Fire Hot Blood Casting (Struggling Broad Years Road Qihang New Journey · Number List)

Ye Ting 2009 was elected "100 hero model character for the establishment of New China". Ye Qiang’s original name is inquiry, in 1896, in Guangdong, Huizhou, Huizhou. Enlightenment Teacher Chen Jingru changed its name "quite", meaning "people want to go up, Ye wants to be very tall", have strive, save the Chinese.

Ye Ting was read in Guangdong Army Primary School, Hubei Army Second Preparation School and Hebei Baoding Army Military Officer School. In 1917, he issued a long letter in "New Youth", expressing his "vibrating the world, the weakness and weakness".

In 1924, Ye Ting took to the Soviet Union, joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League in October of the same year, joined the Communist Party of China in December, and then fought in the revolutionary struggle for more than 20 years. After returning to the country in 1925, Ye Qian served as Director of Staff of the Fourth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, and later changing the head of the independent group and participated in the Northern Expedition. He led the independent group to enter the county, hitting the Ling, Ke Pingjiang, defeating the Nuo, taking Xianning, Meeting, the war, the attack, the "Iron Army" is far from this, "Northern Expedition" is enjoys Chinese and foreign. In August 1927, Nanchang Uprising No. Head blows, Ye Ting’s staff commander command; in December of the same year, Ye Ting participated in the leaders of Guangzhou Uprising, and became the commander of the Industrial and Affairs Red Army. After the uprising failed, he drifted overseas. At the beginning of the Japanese invasion, the state survived, Ye Ting resolutely returned to the country, served as the military commander of the New Fourth Army, commanded to carry out guerrilla war, create anti-Japanese base, more than 500 times for the enemy in more than 500 times, and wounded more than 7,000 people. In 1940, the Ye Quality Department got a significant victory of "sweeping".

In 1941, the southern China’s incident was shocked, and Ye Ting was illegally detained, and he was imprisoned in Shangrao, Guilin and other places.

More than 5 years of prison, Ye Ting is not afraid of the nationalist power to lure, and write a letter means "personal ejection to death"; and "Prisoner" Ming Zhi, "I have to get eternal in the fire and blood." In March 1946, Ye Ting finally released. After he was released afterwards, he called the Party’s central government and hoped to re-join the Communist Party of China.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, praised Ye Ting, who was loyal to the Chinese national liberation and the people’s liberation of 20 years. I have experienced various tests, decided to accept Ye Ting to re-join the Communist Party of China.

On April 8th, due to the plane crash, Ye Ting was killed in black tea mountains in Xingxian, Shanxi, and the body was buried in Yan’an "four eight" martyrs cemetery.