Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

The 2021 network security publicity week event site in Yuzhong District.

Yinzhong District Committee Network Office for map, in recent years, Yuzhong District has focused on improving the financial system, doing excellent modern financial industries, and the city’s financial core status continues to consolidate. With the development of the financial industry, the continuous expansion of new financial services, the people urgently hopes to strengthen network security and anti-fraud and services in the financial sector.

Combined with the party history, "I do practical things for the masses", the propaganda department of Yuzhong District Committee, and the district committee network office jointly carry out multiple financial institutions, jointly carry out network security issues in the financial sector, especially financial fractures. 2021 渝 中区 cyber security publicity week and network security into community activities.

  At the launching ceremony, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch used a relaxed anti-network fraud scene drama, and the image demonstrated the financial fraud cases of real life to the old-age group, reminded the public to enhance the awareness of prevention and improving the ability.

The relevant person in charge of Yuzhong District will organize the Funding Volunteer Service Team of China Network Security Promotion Volunteers. The team will organize 20 volunteers to go to 54 communities to carry out a series of financial anti-fraud publicity volunteer service activities, and send the people concerned about cybersecurity knowledge. Thousands of households. Zhang Huilun, member of the Standing Committee of Yuzhong District Committee, Zhang Huilun, deputy director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Dai Quan, Vice President of the District CPPCC, jointly launched the 2021 network security publicity week in Yuzhong District.

  In the event, the "network security requests", the "network security, please listen to the" network security ", the district committee network, the district committee, the district committee propaganda department, the district committee network office, the district government office, and the network security request" is officially launched online. , Pay attention to the "WeChat" "WeChat" WeChat public number, or scan QR code to enter the "network security, please" WeChat applet can experience.

  Activity site, Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau, Qixinggang Street, Daxi Street, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Chongqing Zhongzi Company, Chongqing Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd. and other 6 units and enterprises, combined with network security Knowledge, subregional exhibition, have award-winning, fun sports games, etc., attracts the active participation of the people and the residents of the masses and jurisdictions, letting network security into the brain in play. During the network security publicity week, the Ministry of Publicity Department of Yuzhong District Committee, the district committee network station will also associate with the district education committee, the district and foreign exchange committee, the district public security branch, the district financial office, the district general trade union, group district committee, District Women’s Federation, District The court and other departments, for different groups, the day, telecommunications day, legal day, financial day, adolescent day, personal information protection day, etc., etc. , Large LED screens and communities posted promotional posters, arranged related panels, play scrolling pictures, etc. Strengthen social publicity, through multiple publicity carriers such as media and network media marsions, comprehensively carry out online publicity, realize the full coverage of network security promotion, effectively improve All social security awareness and protection skills. (Liu Zhengning, Lin Xia) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.