Zhang Chao: I think this is the appearance of youth.

Zhang Chao: I think this is the appearance of youth.

   On October 21, Ningxia Rock Painting Research Center Youth Cadre Zhang Chao was also collected in Qiqi Mountain Highway Ditch in Shizi Mountain in Shizuishan. In the face of sudden epidemic prevention and control situation, "community whistle, department report", Ningxia Rock Painting Research Center rapid action, rock painting digital information collection work presses the pause button.

  On the 22nd, Ningxia Rock Research Center quickly organized all party members to invest in the nucleic acid testing, cardoured value, resident service, and other volunteer work in West Tower community.

Because youth cadres Zhang Chao is not a party member, he has not been arranged to the volunteer service team. Seeing the party members put on the red vest, reverse the first line of the anti-vlohemosis, Zhang Chao is deeply touched and called. "This is the example, it is the figure I have to pursue, it is the appearance of youth."

After the meeting, Zhang Chao took the initiative to participate in the West Tower Community Volunteer Service. In the volunteer service, he is serious and responsible, passionately disinfected, arranges the timing of isolating the living garbage, fixed-place, and take the express delivery for the residents, do a good job in killing registration.

Zhang Chao found that the two killed in the community killed the watering can, took the initiative to help, received volunteers from community staff and bayonets. Zhang Chao said, "Although it is a small thing, serving others makes me full of pleasant strength.

"On October 28, he received an emergency notice on the Menter Office of the Autonomous Region and the Wenthouse of the Wenke, and the undercurrence of party members and cadres. The rock painting research center has 12 people, and 9 people are preserved, and the participating hall volunteer service faces people shortage difficulties. .

"I am young, I should go". In the face of the lover has been put into the first-line anti-vulcania, there is an old man and two children need to take care of it. Zhang Chao once again took the initiative to ask to the party members and cadres of the Wenbao system, sinking to the Lake-sur-Irgate Ningxin Court Community, participating in the epidemic prevention and control , Bayonets, verification, epidemic prevention, order maintenance, material distribution, 24-hour values ??and other work. In the work, you are not annoying to push the small cart and forth to the isolation residents to receive express delivery, doing a good isolation residentiality to persuade, building outside the building. Zhang Chao said, "Every time I see the sealing unit residents are praised for volunteers in the WeChat group, they are full of happiness, helping the masses to solve practical difficulties, is a young man who should be asked.

"At 22:30 on the 30th, returned to the resident community after the transfer of Tanang, found that the unit building has been closed, the most worrying thing in the heart still happened. 19:30 He is still at the lake-sur-Jiayuan Ningxin Court A volunteer of the 9th floor is taken off the volunteer red vest, obeying the epidemic prevention rules. At this time, he had to return home to the home monitoring.

Zhang Chao is regrettable.