Wenzhou Dragon Bay "Needs" set sail and ran out economic tamper acceleration

Wenzhou Dragon Bay "Needs" set sail and ran out economic tamper acceleration

A valve Group Co., Ltd., which is not far away, is also hard core.

The company uses% of the sales revenue to R & D, gradually establishing its own core technology in the valve area. The company has 35 patented products, 4 provincial-level industrial products, is identified as domestic leading level, its independent research and development The second-generation gas dust ball valve is in the forefront of sales in the domestic market. From there, from less than, from weak to strong, with the work provider of the city, the district government, the dragon merchants return to the platform, give full play to the level of the emergence, the integrated transportation of the eastern part, the airport new district focuses on the trick, Fully consolidate the industry foundation.

According to statistics, there are more than 1,200 enterprises, including 160 enterprises in the airport, including 4 enterprises with more than 1 billion yuan, 600 million yuan, 59 high-tech enterprises, It has three listed enterprises such as Kantley; gradually forming the three major leading industries based on pump valve, smart equipment, and life health, and gathered a batch of industrial clusters with distinctive distinctive, prospects.

In 2020, Wenzhou City Leading, high-growth industrial enterprise list, 13 leading military types in Longwan District, 13 high-growth industrial enterprises have 13 in the airport, accounting for 72%. In 2020, the airport new district regulates the corporate output value of billion; the leading industry output value billion yuan, the industry accounts for more than one, in Wenzhou "3 + 12" two-class industrial platform assessment ranking first.

Strategic emerging industries create a new growth of the new growth of the traditional advantage industry, and actively lay out at the strategic emerging industry, the airport new district grab a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial change opportunities, and strive to cultivate new movements.

An Energy Co., Ltd. located in the Airport New District is a company that combines the development, production and sales of lithium-ion battery cells to system applications. After the establishment, only one year of the "myth" ": Register in October 2017, started in the airport in the airport in December, in May 2018, nearly 100,000 square meters of factory capped, starting the equipment into the equipment in July, and in late October, the 3GWH power battery production line enters a small batch stage. The first year of formal operation achieved sales income of 1 billion yuan, production capacity ran out from 3GWH to 6GWH, "acceleration" to 14GWH.

This year, the 20GWH production line built in the company has been put into production, and the output value of the project will be exceeded by more than 10 million yuan.

At the China International Aerospace Expo, a group of "flight vehicles" that a group in the airport new district will be able to run, and the flight speed can reach 160 kilometers / hour, the air power and ground power conversion time require only 3 seconds. It can be parked in any parking space and private garage … attract everyone onlookers. In recent years, Dragon Bay firmly seized "aviation" to do article, high startup general purpose aviation industry, with forward viewing, early planning of General Aviation Industrial Park.

At the beginning of this year, the Group’s general aviation industrial park project is signed to land, and will build a generalized aircraft’s whole machine, the overall base of the flight, the overall, manufacturing and sales of the United States.

The project is developed batch distribution, one of which is approximately 700 mu, building a navigation aircraft reel center, flight automotive manufacturing center, general aircraft and flight automotive innovation R & D center. In the near future, "Flying Cars" will be made in Dragon Bay and take off.

Improve the infrastructure depiction of the production of new maps to implement the airport expansion project, speed up the third phase expansion project of Wenzhou Airport, the new second runway flight area project and T3 terminal building project; focus on building high-efficiency air railway, relying on the eastern part of Wenzhou Integrated passenger hub, clasped the coastal high-speed rail, Hangwen high-speed rail introduction opportunity At the same time, a new platform is also built for urban economic development. To the blue sky, it is growing to the blue sky.

Airport New Area must not only become magnets that attract industries, but also become magnets that attract talents.

The transportation advantage is again enlarged. Longwan is based on traffic, built a multi-three-dimensional, interconnected, safe and convenient, green intelligent modern integrated transportation system, and builds 1 Wenzhou Eastern Integrated Transportation Hub throughout the north and south, and through the radiation speed channel, and surrounding counties ( City, district) multi-channel quickly connected, realize it to the province, city 1 hour, to the Yangtze River Triangle and the main cities of Haixi District, 3 hours, build "1 + 2 traffic circles"; achieve 15 minutes to access the external transportation hub, within the area 30 minutes, build an internal "15 + 30 traffic circle". The infrastructure is again improved.

Longwan accelerate the construction of the road network system, launched the previous design of the General Aviation Industrial Park (Airport Avenue – Aviation Avenue) and other five road constructions such as Lijiangkou Avenue, and built the road to Tiancheng resettlement small micro-garden.

At the same time, planning the people’s livelihood projects such as Luo Feng Middle School, Yongxing Kindergarten, and launched the early work of Yongxing Community Health Service Center, and launched the preliminary design of Yongxing Community Health Service Center project.

Accelerate the construction of resettlement houses such as peace of mind, Shabei resettlement.

The new map of the production city is getting a little bit in the blue sky. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.