Uncover the mystery of Russia

Uncover the mystery of Russia

According to the "Russian-24" TV station reported on March 25, a Russian "Orion" attack drone in the military test site, using a high-precision missile destroyed a retired L-39 trainer.

It is understood that the "Orion" endurance is more than 24 hours, and the maximum takeoff weight is 1100 kg, and the battle is 250 kg.

It can use small missiles and guided bombs to attack ground objectives.

The payload of the "Orion" drone is equipped with a high-resolution digital aviation photographic system, a multi-function radar system, a radio reconnaissance equipment, and an optoelectronic system. The comprehensive use of these systems allows it to perform air reconnaissance, patrol, terrain survey, and determination of high difficult tasks such as ground object coordinates. In addition to reconnaissance, "Orion" drones also embodied considerable power-owned weapon adaptation capabilities.

The actual use, the meaning is far-reaching as a new favorite in the modern battlefield, and the one-in-one drone has reconnaissance, monitoring, capture, and the ability to hit the target real-time. It can realize long-term wide-area stealth monitoring, continuous thermal pressure on the ground, for high value The target implementation of accurate attacks can greatly reduce the time consumption from the discovery to destroy the target.

At the tactical level, "Organs" drones can participate in the future "hunter" drone and Su-57 synergy, help Russia to enhance the air blowing ability, improve the drone combat system, and create future battlefields Emerging operational concept. In general, "Orion" drones have very positive and impact on Russia. However, compared to the intensive accumulation in other traditional military fields, Russia is still in the emerging field of drones, and there is a certain distance from the world’s first-class horizontal level represented by the United States. How will Russia build unmanned combat systems? What is the development of drone will affect the future battlefield? let us wait and see. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.