Strive for the first time

Strive for the first time

On September 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech at the Central Party School (National Administrative College), the central party school (National Administrative College) in the autumn school (National Administration), deeply encouraged and inspired the majority of party members and cadres.

Everyone is seriously studied, and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important speech of General Secretary. It is necessary to strengthen the theoretical learning, improve party spirit, and the political character, and the actual actions of loyal and clean, and consciously consciously bear the era of the party and people. Hong Wei, a resident of Tongjiatai Village, Ma’an Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, is a grassroots selection. He carefully studied the important speech published by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It has a deeper understanding of party loyalty. In his opinion, loyalty to the party is to resolutely obey organization arrangements, earnestly do things for the masses, and always worry about the party.

"The grassroots work face the people’s livelihood problem, as young cadres, must do everything in the people in the heart, dare to face contradictions in the work, solve the problem, and promote the party and the country’s principles and policies to implement it in the grassroots level." Hong Wei said.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping requires the young cadres to pay attention to the actual situation. If you seek truth from facts, we must conscientiously implement the implementation." Li Runjun, secretary of the Lingqiu County Party Committee, Datong City, Shanxi Province, said that we will insist on everything from the actual situation, relying on the location of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic circle and The advantage of green mountains and green hills, vigorously develop organic drought as agriculture and regional tourism, and successfully win the poverty battle.

"But the industrial base of Lingqiu is poor, the construction of the construction, the overall development quality level is not fundamentally improved, we will continue to adhere to the fact that the county historical culture and resource endowment, due to the development of policy initiatives, solid promotion Country revitalization strategy.

Li Runjun said.

Entering the Township, Haiyuan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, turned a terraced, neat and beautiful village, a pleasant pastoral scenery. Zhang Yuan, a "85" cadres, and actively participated in the universities of Cao Yu Township. General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged the young cadres to be courageous and good at it. Zhang Yuan, said that it is boldly dry and firmly dry, in accordance with the requirements of the General Secretary, and the development of the people’s livelihood.

"To strive to solve the key problem of implementing a rural resolution strategy, we must solve the inquiry highlights of the masses with your heart, and struggle with the unhealthy winds and corruption of the people’s interests.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping requires young cadres to adhere to principles and dare to fight.

Zhu Songhua, secretary of the Central Group School Discipline Committee, said: "In recent years, the Communist Youth League deepens the reform, because of adhering to principles, dare to fight, do not be old good people, not afraid of sinners, before they have achieved phased results, the political, advanced nature of the Communist Youth League, The mass is significantly increased.

I doing the discipline inspection work, but should not speak in the face, telling the party’s sexuality, being loyal and clean and affordable. "General Secretary Xi Jinping requested the young cadres to strictly abide by the rules, not over the bottom line. We should lead to cadre practices to consciously strengthen the rules. "Vice President of Lushan Cadre said to Zhe," To adhere to political construction, strict treatment of the hospital, firmly establish the wind, simple wind, Qing dynasty, and give full play to the ideological leading role, let the rule awareness run through The whole process of cadre education; to create a typical example of the development of cadres growth, cultivating analytical examples, to create a targeted innovative curriculum, and education to guide cadres’ healthy growth. "The 32-year-old Zhuhai-Zhu, the deputy town of Laumu Town, Huaishi Town, Huaishi, China, seriously studied the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and the experience of" diligent practice, enhance the skill ".

At the end of last year, Cheng Haizhu’s jobs had changed, and they needed to be dealing with the grassroots masses. She once felt "the lead panic". "I have learned to the book, learn to the masses, learn to be my heart, familiar with the people’s language, gradually and the masses into one." Cheng Haizhu said that in mind the general secretary, insist on doing, doing, constantly Enhance the work of the masses, close contact with the masses, do more practical things for the masses, do a good job, and do their job better, let the masses are more satisfied.

Liu Xin Road, Dean of the Arab College of Beijing Foreign Language University, said that General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged young cadres to become a big use, and he can bear the talents of the liang. As a college foreign language professional young teacher, we must assume the historical mission given us in the era, and practice Lidshu people with firm ideals and super hard educational people, to serve the national strategy as the starting point and the foothold, for the party And the country has cultivated China’s depth, the global wide, and humanistic across cultural exchange led talents.

Currently, the horn entered from the second hundred years of struggle has been blown. The majority of party members, cadres, to consciously use the socialist ideological armed brain, guiding practice and promotion of Chinese characteristics, socialist socialist thinking, and fight in the new journey of socialist modernization in the whole, and serve.

(Reporter Zhao Cheng, Zhang Yang, Meng Xiangfu, Wu Shiji, Liu Xinyu) "People’s Daily" (September 02, 2021) (Editor: 梦 婕, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.