Zhongcheng Association: Be wary of fake advertisements such as food and "God of Medicine", "God Medicine"

Zhongcheng Association: Be wary of fake advertisements such as food and "God of Medicine", "God Medicine"

People’s Network Beijing October 13th (Reporter Sun Hongli) Currently, some adverse operators sell counterfeit and shoddy drugs by packaging into "Shen Medicine", and flickering the elderly people buy, illegally seeking profits. On the 13th, the Chinese Consumer Association released consumption tips, reminding the elderly consumers to buy medicines from regular channels, wary of food and "God Doctors", "God Drugs", etc. of the medical effect. "To purchase medicines through regular channels such as hospitals, pharmacies, and carefully check the approved number of drugs. According to the Chinese Consumer Association, in addition to the foreign herbal medicines and Chinese herbal medicines in China, the drugs in China are listed in China. It should be approved by the Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration Department of the State Council, obtain the drug registration certificate, and obtain the approved number to be available to ensure the safety, effectiveness and quality controllability of the drug.

The Chinese Consumer Association recommends that consumers should try to choose a "drug business license" and "business license" and "business license" in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies (including e-commerce platforms), carefully check the approval number of drugs ( National Medicine Straightener, Valid Period, etc.

Consumers don’t buy drugs that have not been approved or inquiry in the State Food and Drug Administration website, so as not to be infringed by fake drugs. The Chinese Consumer Association also reminded foods that have remarkable medical effects, these foods are likely to illegally add drugs and harmful to health.

Food is not a drug, does not have the effect of treating the disease.

For some "food" that claims to treat diseases, or false propaganda, or it is probably illegal to add drugs. Long-term consumption of such "food" will bring very much health hazards for consumers. In addition, to be a false advertisement such as "God Doctors" "" Shen Mao "on the Internet, don’t lose your health. China Consumers Association said that in order to obtain economic interests, some unscrupulous operators have issued false illegal advertisements involving traditional Chinese medicine, induce consumers to buy and use. This behavior not only affects the health and orderly development of traditional Chinese medicine, but also adversely affects the health and health of consumers.

Xining City, North District, carefully dress the city, the city is higher than the value of the city.

Xining City, North District, carefully dress the city, the city is higher than the value of the city.

A few days ago, Xining City Chengbei District, Chuangcheng Office, in accordance with the national civilized city evaluation standards, combined with the party history, "I have practical things for the people", through the main roads of the city, the main attractions scenic spot, and mobile stalls, Carefully played "net, bright, Qi, and new" city environment, let the people have harvested full of happiness in Yiye, livable, and pleasant living environment.

In order to create a national civilized city, the Chengbei District Urban Management Bureau focuses on the environmental rectification of major transportation.

Up to now, there are more than 150 tons of river garbage along the railway, and the floating objects are removed. Demolition of the provision of safety hazard violations, replacement of more than 1,500 square meters, repair the trees, 24 pieces of trees, cleaning the Qaidam Road, Qilian Road The isolation fence is about 11,000 meters, and the flushing dirty wall is about 3,800 square meters.

At the same time, carry out window parabolic rectification. In order to effectively combat the window parabolic behavior, organize more than 30 law enforcement officers to form a special rectification group, and the key areas such as the jurisdiction, parking berths, etc., etc., etc., to influence environmental hygiene, etc. The uncivilized behavior of road traffic is safe and the illegal behavior is carried out for a one-month special rectification. Turning 21 windows parabolic behavior, fined 3,300 yuan, and publicly reported to the public, regularly public exposure to such illegal violations in the media, and punish responsible personnel in accordance with relevant regulations.

In addition, in order to effectively solve the problem of parking difficulties in the jurisdiction, the parking management "full upgrade" is achieved, 579 rational application, 41 non-motor vehicle parking regions, 200 meters for the stop line, 22 stops of the network, installation 20 cavitation piles, effectively standardize the parking order of the jurisdiction, consolidate the results of Chuangcheng.

At the same time, the pilot first creates a "new highland" of the garbage classification. By actively promoting the construction of the domestic garbage classification "dry and wet separation" pilot construction, implement "withro the bucket and stand" in the jurisdiction, and arrange the special person to guard, build a garbage classifier, In order to increase monitoring and guidance, the designation of the designation area will effectively improve the classification accuracy of dry wet waste.

Exploring the construction of domestic garbage classification intelligent recycling system, 18 sets of domestic garbage classification intelligent recycling equipment, with "technical defense + human defense + material defense" complement mode, to achieve the northern garbage classification "Co-point And connect into a film "continuous accumulation of experience.

(Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Wugang City optimized business environment to achieve "three-party win-win"

Wugang City optimized business environment to achieve "three-party win-win"

"The people in the shoes are unfained, the people who wear shoes are the clearest; the business environment is not good, the experience of the company is most directly."

At the beginning of this month, we won the first prize of Pingdingshan City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, holding back 300,000 yuan of technological innovation rewards. This depends on the good business environment of the dance steel market, the more we do it more and more. "Recently, Liu Xianqi, deputy chief engineer of Shenzhou Heavy Industry, attributed to the good business environment in the dance of the dance.

In recent years, the dance steel market has focused on the market entity demand, focusing on government functions, summarizing the effective experience practices of "venting service" reform, to find out the initiatives suitable for development and innovation, both highlighting the business business The determination of the environment, and the market main is expected and won wide praise. The city puts the business environment as productivity and competitiveness, putting the policy to the government, truly reflecting the "waiter" function of the government, so that the company has practically experienced the sense of gaining, happiness, security, and realizing the same frequency resonance in the city. "After entering the large Liuzhuang Village, from the office of the base nursery, the government departments help us solve a series of questions, the service and help have never stopped.

Wang Jianwei, general manager of Yongheng Ecological Garden Construction Co., Ltd., located in Yinji Town, Yinji Town, Yin Ji, said. It is understood that the company entered the Grand Liuzhuang Village in June this year. Under the support of the governments and villagers, the company has been supported from 34 The farmers have a total of nearly 60 acres of land and sign a long-term lease contract. "After entering the village, as a member of the Village Task Force, we are unscrupulous to provide discounts and services for companies in accordance with the requirements of the development of business environment in the dance. convenient. In just half a year, under a good environment, the local government, the people, the company’s own parties benefited, ‘three-party win-win’, the situation has been initially appeared.

"Zhang Zhouhui, the first secretary of the Pingdingshan City Public Resource Trading Center, said. (Qang Dejun, the Publicity Department of the Dance Steel Municipal Committee) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Yang Xianina).

WANZHOU: "Wateroverdracht" Container Liner Shift

WANZHOU: "Wateroverdracht" Container Liner Shift

  Op de ochtend van 6 juni laadde een verschuiving met 120 containers weg van Jiangnan Haokou Container Terminal naar Poort, markeerde de offici?le opening van Wanzhou Port "Water Transfer" -container, maar vertegenwoordigt ook de Three Gorges Wandeling in Wanzhou District een solide stap in de modus Logistieke microcirculatie in de District Dam. Om 10 uur zijn containers die vol voedsel op een ordelijke manier zijn gevuld met bestelde vrachtschepen.

Niet lang geleden arriveerde deze partij graan van Zhenjiang naar de staat, na de "reducerende collectie" en vervolgens uitgerust met een verschuiving naar fuling. Volgens prejudici?le berekeningen kan dit innovatieve model tot 20% van de binnenverwerkingskosten besparen.

  "Wanzhou Als distributiecentrum, elk jaar vanaf de haven van Wanzhou op de top van Wanzhou-haven, miljoenen ton, het vorige eten is meestal bulktransport, waardoor een deel van de Wanzhou-poort wordt bereikt en vervolgens doorgaan met het transporteren naar de boomgaard, het fulling, Jiangjin, enz. De grond, de vrachtkosten zijn hoog, de stroomopwaartse poort is gelost. "Voorbeeld van de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Wanzhou District Logistics Office, zei dat na het" water wordt overgedragen ", het stroomafwaartse transport kan realiseren" verstrooide set " In Wanzhou-poort, en vervolgens van geschikte wijze veranderd, wordt de vrachtader verzonden, het besparen van transportkosten en verbetert de effici?ntie.

  De container van de "wateroverdracht" in deze tijd wordt voornamelijk vervoerd door voedsel, chemische grondstoffen, bouwmaterialenproducten, enz.

Volgens het plan, "Water Transfer" container voering zal in de vroege dagen een week openen, en het aantal keren en frequenties verhogen het aantal keren op basis van de hoeveelheid levering van de bron van levering en realiseert u de normale werking. Vervolgens zal "Water Transfer" ook aanvullend zijn met elkaar met "RONG WAN" FOOD-kanaal, verdere serveerwolk, duur, Sichuan en andere graanproductie- en verwerkingsondernemingen.

  Wang Jia Li Zehong (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).

The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee have been stationed

The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee have been stationed

  According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, on October 14, the 9 municipal party committees of the Event of the eighth round of the Eleventh Municipal Committee will be stationed, and the 17 municipal organs and 17 bureau-level units they belong to. Party organizations have been carried out for a 2-month routine inspection.

During the inspector, the synchronous employment and institutional preparation discipline, ideology work responsibility system, and special inspection of inspection work. This approval insists on the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the Party’s 19th National and 19th Er, Sanzhong, Fourth Plenary Session, implementing the national inspection work conference and the city inspection patrol work meeting deployment requirements , Stick to political inspection and position, implement inspection of work policy, and put "two maintenance" as fundamental tasks, focus on the center, service overall situation, and strengthen political supervision. Investigating the Socialist Thought of Chinese Characteristics in Xi Pingping, Concerned the Party Regulations Party Regulations, Control Party ‘s Theoretical Road Policy and Party Central Decision Deployment, Concerned the Functional Responsibility and "Three Ding" provisions of the inspector unit, tighten the patrol party organization Functional responsibility, urge the "two maintenance" to implement the implementation; close attention to the comprehensiveness of the party’s stage sex, seize the main contradictions; close attention to the leadership team and "key few minority", and supervise the responsibility; tighten the people The highlights, play the role of the patrol close contact with the bridge of the masses. Key supervision and inspection and implementation of the party’s theory and route policy and the central, municipal party committee decision-making deployment, implementation of the situation of strict governance of party strategy, implement the organizational route of the new era, implement patrol, theme education, and audit rectification.

Closely combined with the current key tasks of the city’s overall exhibition prevention and economic and social development, strengthen the implementation of major decision-making deployments such as "six stable" and implement "six guarantees" tasks and other major decision-making deployments. Accurate the political attributes of the municipal government, promote the municipal organs before, the calculation rate, take the lead to "two maintenance", practice the "three episodes", and build a model agency.

  In the municipal party committee, the leader of the municipal party committee emphasized that the municipal government first is the political organ, the first is the political duties, and we must deeply understand the inspection of this batch is to promote the municipal government to strengthen the party’s political construction, and "two The political medical examination of a maintenance is to fulfill the responsibility of functions, enhance the management ability. It is a comprehensive and persevering of the strictly governance of the party, the main base of "strict" long-term persistence, is the development of people-centered development. Ideas, close the party’s important initiative to contact the people. The party organization of the municipal government should improve the political station, strengthen the awareness of the active acceptance supervision, strengthen the organization coordination, and firmly support the cooperation, encourage and support the cadres and the people to reflect the situation and problems related to the inspection, and do it, so that they will change, stand up and change Ensure that the inspector task is successfully completed.

  The main responsible comrades of each patrol unit organized will, will take the inspection as an opportunity to conscientiously study the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and resolutely put the ideological and action to the central and Municipal Party Committee’s major decision-making deployment, further enhanced " Four consciousness, firm "four confidence", do "two maintenance", consciously accept inspection supervision, full support, and actively cooperate with the city committee inspection team.

  The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee will be announced to the public.


[Health Intelligence Agency] Kunnen het gewrichtsweefselschade worden geregenereerd?

[Health Intelligence Agency] Kunnen het gewrichtsweefselschade worden geregenereerd?

  [Inleiding tot de kolom] "Het onderwerp dat u geeft, om de autoriteitendexpert van de drie ziekenhuizen te beantwoorden" – "Health Intelligence Agency" is een groot merk voor de gezondheidswetenschap, dat is uitgezonden door Guangming.com, opgericht in juni 2016, heeft de Land De gezondheidsstatiff krijgt de "gezonde China" innovatiekolomprijs en werd uitgenodigd om lid te worden van het National Health and Separation Committee, "China Medical Self-media Alliance", Peking Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde Stereo Communicatie Alliance Merk kolom.

  [Cothe Guest] Liu Liang, de plaatsvervangend directeur van de gezamenlijke chirurgie en sport Medical Department of Beijing, Capital Medical University; Docent.

  De gezamenlijke chirurgie Major van Peking Yuche Hospital aangesloten bij de Medical University Capital Medical is een van de enige negentien mensen in Beijing om gewrichtsbehandeling uit te voeren.

Op dit moment zijn er meer dan 300 jaarlijkse chirurgie voor een grootschalige heupgewrichtsvervanging en hebben een rijke ervaring op verschillende gebieden van schoudervervanging, knie- en heupvernieuwing, prothetische omliggende fracturen, ellebooggewrichtsvervanging, etc. hebben een rijke ervaring opgebouwd.

Joodse-operatie wordt voor het eerst uitgevoerd in het land en het is een van de autoriteiten op dit gebied in dit gebied.

  [Onze Reporter: Li Ran Camera: Sun Pengyu] [Editor: Li Ran].

Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

The 2021 network security publicity week event site in Yuzhong District.

Yinzhong District Committee Network Office for map, in recent years, Yuzhong District has focused on improving the financial system, doing excellent modern financial industries, and the city’s financial core status continues to consolidate. With the development of the financial industry, the continuous expansion of new financial services, the people urgently hopes to strengthen network security and anti-fraud and services in the financial sector.

Combined with the party history, "I do practical things for the masses", the propaganda department of Yuzhong District Committee, and the district committee network office jointly carry out multiple financial institutions, jointly carry out network security issues in the financial sector, especially financial fractures. 2021 渝 中区 cyber security publicity week and network security into community activities.

  At the launching ceremony, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch used a relaxed anti-network fraud scene drama, and the image demonstrated the financial fraud cases of real life to the old-age group, reminded the public to enhance the awareness of prevention and improving the ability.

The relevant person in charge of Yuzhong District will organize the Funding Volunteer Service Team of China Network Security Promotion Volunteers. The team will organize 20 volunteers to go to 54 communities to carry out a series of financial anti-fraud publicity volunteer service activities, and send the people concerned about cybersecurity knowledge. Thousands of households. Zhang Huilun, member of the Standing Committee of Yuzhong District Committee, Zhang Huilun, deputy director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Dai Quan, Vice President of the District CPPCC, jointly launched the 2021 network security publicity week in Yuzhong District.

  In the event, the "network security requests", the "network security, please listen to the" network security ", the district committee network, the district committee, the district committee propaganda department, the district committee network office, the district government office, and the network security request" is officially launched online. , Pay attention to the "WeChat" "WeChat" WeChat public number, or scan QR code to enter the "network security, please" WeChat applet can experience.

  Activity site, Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau, Qixinggang Street, Daxi Street, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Chongqing Zhongzi Company, Chongqing Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd. and other 6 units and enterprises, combined with network security Knowledge, subregional exhibition, have award-winning, fun sports games, etc., attracts the active participation of the people and the residents of the masses and jurisdictions, letting network security into the brain in play. During the network security publicity week, the Ministry of Publicity Department of Yuzhong District Committee, the district committee network station will also associate with the district education committee, the district and foreign exchange committee, the district public security branch, the district financial office, the district general trade union, group district committee, District Women’s Federation, District The court and other departments, for different groups, the day, telecommunications day, legal day, financial day, adolescent day, personal information protection day, etc., etc. , Large LED screens and communities posted promotional posters, arranged related panels, play scrolling pictures, etc. Strengthen social publicity, through multiple publicity carriers such as media and network media marsions, comprehensively carry out online publicity, realize the full coverage of network security promotion, effectively improve All social security awareness and protection skills. (Liu Zhengning, Lin Xia) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Yunnan meldde 5 particuliere leden, openbare functionarissen dronken dronken rijden, deelname aan gokkwesties

Yunnan meldde 5 particuliere leden, openbare functionarissen dronken dronken rijden, deelname aan gokkwesties

Aanbevolen lezen met gehumaniseerd beheer, gebaseerd op gereedschapsrationaliteit, meer rationaliteit. SU YONG: Bijvoorbeeld, in meer dan tien jaar geleden gebruikte ik de internetsoftware om werknemers te beheren, ik ben in de MBA- en Emba-klasse, en ik heb vele malen besproken. 2022-03-0709: 16 "Oost-sectie Westkoord": een grootschalige, cross-regionale stroom van gegevenselementen, zoals de hoeksteen van gegevensdrager en verwerking, en de database zal er ook een belangrijke rol in spelen. 2022-03-0709: 13 LIU LIEHONG zei dat China Unicom’s "Wijsheid winter Olympische Spelen" in de "Smart World Olympics" in China Unicom.

2022-03-0709: 13 Tijdens MWC2022, heeft China Unicom ingeleverd met industri?le partners om het "5G Private Network Plus"-serie-edge met elkaar verbonden privé-netwerk, een hoog betrouwbaar privé-netwerk, een plakbescherming privé-netwerk te geven. 2022-03-0709: 12 eindigde in de nieuwe reis, het nieuwe tijdperk van succes, het doel is al, kom op! 2022-03-0520: 39 China Science and Technology Association, Ministerie van Onderwijs, het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Jeugdcompetitie, heeft gezamenlijk een kennisgeving uitgegeven om gezamenlijk de universitaire studentenwetenschappen en technologie vrijwilligerswerkzaamheden uit te voeren.

2022-03-0509: 48 ZHU SHUO, een lid van de Justice Group of China University of Science of Science and Technology, is ge?nspireerd op het resterende stressverbeteringmechanisme van biologische mineralen en stelt een nieuwe bionische bionische toughen voor, die de imitatie parel moederkeramiek. De taaiheid, de taaiheidsversterkingsco?ffici?nt wordt bereikt ±, superieur aan het meest geavanceerde bionische keramiek. Mao Hao zei dat deze nieuwe aanpak algemene begeleiding betekenis heeft voor het ontwerp en de productie van geavanceerde keramische materialen, zoals parel moederachtige structuur. 2022-03-0409: 28 Gelukkig is cervicale kanker de enige unieke en oorzaak van kanker, die HPV-infectie kan voorkomen door vaccinatie, waardoor de kans op cervicale kanker kan worden verminderd. Experts bevelen aan dat 9 tot 26 jaar oude vrouwen vaccineren HPV-vaccins, vooral vóór de leeftijd van 17, het eerste seksuele gedrag kan maximaliseren; op hetzelfde moment aanbevelen 27 tot 45-jarige vrouwen gevaccineerd HPV-vaccin. 2022-03-0409: 27 Spring Festival Vakantie, het Congres van National People, Academician, Chinese Academie voor Engineering, Song Baoan, een directeur van Guizhou University, Paarden naar Guizhou Fenggang, Yutan, Chun’an, Yifeng, Qing Town en andere thee Eigendom te onderzoeken, begrijp de situatie van "schone thee" "schone thee".

2022-03-0409: 25 in Hainan Lingshui Sea, ‘s werelds eerste 100.000-ton diepwater semi-dompelbare productie olie opslagplatform – "Shenzhen nr. 1", zoals een super grote "gigantische" is trots op de blauwe zee. Vanaf het begin tot de realisatie van 3 innovaties van wereldklasse, 13 binnenlandse eerste technologische leiders, "Shenzhen No.1" betekent een belangrijke doorbraak in diep waterolieontwikkeling en diepwater Ocean Engineering-apparatuurtechnologie in mijn land. 2022-03-0409: 25 Vandaag is de negende "World Wildlife Day", dit jaar is het thema van mijn land "Focus op flagship Soortbescherming en het bevorderen van prachtige china-constructie."

China Giant Panda Protection Research Center is een kaart van Great Panda "Qingqing" in Shenshing Base.

2022-03-0409: 21 Qinghai is de geboorteplaats van de gele rivier, de Yangtze-rivier, en de "China Water Tower".

Op dit moment heeft Qinghai 605 soorten gewervelde dieren, waaronder 117 soorten China, en er zijn meer dan 120 soorten Qinghai-Tibet-plateau en 37 van het nationale niveau focussen op wilde dieren.

2022-03-0409: 20 Het is de moeite waard om te vermelden dat de "bepalingen" erop gewezen dat algoritme aanbevolen serviceproviders gebruikers moeten bieden met opties die niet worden gericht op hun persoonlijke kenmerken, of gebruikers met behulp van handige opties voor het sluiten van algoritmen kunnen bieden.

De "Black Box" van het algoritme breken, zet het platform ‘Power’ in de kooi, laat het internet in de zon lopen. 2022-03-0409: In mei 2021 heeft het Multi-Ministerial Committee gezamenlijk het "National Integrated Big Data Center om aan het implementatieplan", dat de acht "nationale hubknooppunten", en voorgesteld de implementatie van "Oost-sectie", verduidelijkte, West "Engineering, acceleratie om een ??nieuw type vermogensnetwerkpatroon te bouwen.

De systeemarchitectuur van het netwerk van China Mobile bevat hoofdzakelijk een platform voor grote netwerkinfrastructuurlaag van het netwerkbasis, met de werking van het netwerk, de werking van het netwerk. 2022-03-0409: 16 Nationaal Comité, General Manager Zhang Zhongyang, General Manager van Aerospace Science and Technology Group, zei dat in 2021 de belangrijkste technische verificatiefase van het ruimtestation van mijn land in principe is voltooid en 5 lanceert taken waren een compleet succes.

Shenzhou No. 13 besefte de eerste bemande ruimteschip diameter rendezvous, de tweede partij astronauten, de tweede partij astronauten in het ruimtestation, Wang Yaping en Ye Guangfu gestationeerd voor een periode van 6 maanden langdurig verblijf. 2022-03-0409: 16 "Toekomstige nieuwe materialen worden berekend, gesimuleerd, toekomstige productietechnologie moet volledig software, gegevens en toekomstige processapparatuur zijn om digitale tweelingen te bereiken van de productie naar investeringen. In de afgelopen jaren, onder de voortdurende promotie van LI Zhiqiang, China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute heeft actief digitaal en intelligent application-onderzoek aan het verkennen.

2022-03-0409: 13 Aangepaste installatie Quarantaine Werk is de eerste regel en barrière voor de nationale veiligheid van Guardian. "Op 2 maart, Nanjing Douane, Jinling Douane, gezamenlijk Jiangsu Wildlife Plant Protection Station en Nanjing Hongshan Zoo, hielden een public welzijnsactiviteiten" Focus op Flagship Soortbescherming om de prachtige Chinese constructie te bevorderen ". 2022-03-0409: Op 123 maanden , de nationale drugsadministratie is bevestigd aan Zhiyi Longkama Reorganisatie Nieuwe Coronavirus-eiwitvaccin (CHO-cellen) genoemde registratie. Voordat het vaccin is goedgekeurd, is het vaccin goedgekeurd voor twee naald ge?nactiveerde vaccinatie. De sequenti?le inenting. 2022-03-0409: 11 Volgens De gegevens, het AG600-vliegtuig is een waterreddingster, en het water stijgt en aanstootgevende hoogte meters, kan brandbestrijding en waterreddingstaken uitvoeren; "Dragon" AG600-vliegtuigen is nog steeds een brandbestrijdingsmeester. Op 23 juli 2016 is de 001 Machine voltooide de Down-lijn in Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park in Guangdong; 24 december 2017, in de luchthaven Guangdong Zhuhai Jingwan, de eerste vlucht werd voltooid op 20 oktober 2018, op 20 oktober 2018, 20 oktober 2018, 20 oktober , 2018, Jingmen, Hubei de luchthaven van Luhe voltooide de eerste vlucht van het water.

2022-03-0409: 11 Reporters geleerd uit China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, 2022, is het groepsbedrijf van plan om meer dan 50 lanceringstaken van de luchtvaartlancering te regelen, meer dan 140 ruimtevaartuig te verzenden en het aantal lanceringen zal nieuw zijn.

Er wordt gemeld dat 2021 Aerospace Science and Technology Group met succes 48-ruimtevaarttaken oplanceerde, met succes 103 ruimtevaartuig gelanceerd en het aantal jaarlijkse tijden meer dan 40 keer overschreden.

2022-03-0409: 10.

[100 hundred seconds, talk about party construction] Deputy General Manager of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., Party Secretary Jia Hongguang

[100 hundred seconds, talk about party construction] Deputy General Manager of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., Party Secretary Jia Hongguang

Jia Hongguang: The hundred years of stormy journey, the hundred years of vicissitudes change, the Chinese Communist Party is a hundred years of birth, I wish our party to innovate and innovate in the new journey! The party committee of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. has always around "do a good job in party building, and do a good job in the development and promoting the development of party construction".

Adhere to the implementation of the "three sessions and one lesson" system, enhance the quality of party members, strengthen the responsibility of party members; insist on encouraging innovative research, solidly promote the "innovative drive development" strategy, to carry out diversified party activities, stimulate party building new vitality, improve corporate cohesiveness . Adhering to the "Longguang Satellite" spirit "of" unity, innovation, struggle, pragmatism ", to" establish the Internet-based remote sensing information platform, continuously introduce innovative products "as the goal, and use the empty world to integrate remote sensing information products, and is committed to service 7 billion people worldwide, Changguang satellite will struggle for the brilliant tomorrow of China’s commercial remote sensing satellite. "The initial heart, mission is shoulder", in the company’s party building, further strengthen the fortress role of the party committee and branch, comprehensively strengthen the core and soul role of the party committee in the development process of enterprises, help the enterprise to pioneering and innovating, pursue excellence, climbing the peak, For the development transformation of Jilin Province, contributing to the development of China’s commercial space development. (Editor: Li Chengwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Zhu Yongxin: The high quality education system must be "five education"

Zhu Yongxin: The high quality education system must be "five education"

Building a high-quality education system, which is important to grasp what work? During the two sessions, People’s Network interviewed Zhu Yongxin, a Vice Secretary-General and Vice-President of the Ministry of CPPCC in this issue.

Moderator: The "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes to build a high-quality education system, what do you think of need to focus on? Zhu Yongxin: Establish a high-quality education system, need to provide a high-quality information resource platform to support the construction of high quality education systems.

To use domestic and international quality education resources, establish a resource platform for all students.

Second, in the process of educational resource allocation, it should be given priority to replenish the short board.

For example, pay attention to the education issues of vulnerable groups, surrounding the disabled people. Third, the whole process of establishing the Lid Tree through the construction of a high quality education system. "High Quality" should focus on the overall development of people, including the development of personality and the development of morality.

Successful education, people need to cultivate real people, people, people with character. Fourth, the high quality education system also needs to pay attention to "five education". In addition to "mental education", moral education, aesthetic education, labor education, and physical education also need to pay attention to it.