The important magic weapon role to give full play to the unified front of the army is to create a new situation of the new situation of Kunming Ecological International Modernization Development.

The important magic weapon role to give full play to the unified front of the army is to create a new situation of the new situation of Kunming Ecological International Modernization Development.

Original title: Important magic treasures of the united front of the army are fully promoted to create a new situation of Kunming Ecological International Modernization and New Site Cohesion Power on November 17th, 2021 Kunming Municipal Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Eighth Centralized Learning and Yunnan New District Party The Eighth Centralized Learning of the Working Committee Theory Learning Center Group was held.

Yunnan Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee ", Give full play to important magic treasures of the unified front, unite all power to unite, to mobilize the positive factors that can be mobilized, and create a new situation in the development of Kunming Ecological Internationalization and Cohesion and Convergence.

Liu Zhisheng, executive deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, focusing on learning and implementing the "Regulations on the Work Ordinance of the Communist Party of China", from the "Regulations", and the important position of the unified front, strengthen the party’s unified front The centralized unified leadership of the work, the main tasks and focus of all field work, strengthen the construction of the party and foreign representatives, and do a good job in the implementation of the "Regulations".

Cheng Yunyuan has made a summary of the speech, and the party committee (Party group) at all levels of the city should learn to implement the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving the work of united front, and solidly grasping the implementation of the "Regulations", promoting the high quality of the new era of Kunming developing.

It is necessary to strengthen ideological and political leadership, education guides unified front members to listen to party Chinese, and feel the party, and go with the party. It is necessary to adhere to the broader power of promoting the development of Kunming ‘s ecological internationalization. It is necessary to overtield all field work, seek the maximum number of conventions, and draw the maximum concentric circle.

Strengthen the leadership of the unified front of the unified front, and focus on building a new era of the big war work pattern. It is necessary to fully improve the ability of leading cadres to do well-made work, and provide strong support to promote high quality development of Kunming Municipality.

Liu Jiaochen, Liu Shenshou, Yang Zhengxiao, Zhao Xuefeng and other municipalities, members of the Center, members of the Center for the Center for Central Committee, the Secretary of the Second Party Work Committee of the Enrill the Center, and other party members above participate in the study.

(Chief reporter Jia Xi Pei correspondent Zhao Yuxue reported) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu Qian) Sharing let more people see.

The Weihe Tourism Alliance is about to set up the 6th city of Shanxi "hand in hand"

The Weihe Tourism Alliance is about to set up the 6th city of Shanxi "hand in hand"

  Original title: The Fenhe Tourism Alliance is about to set up 6 provinces "Hand" on November 17, the Taiyuan City Culture and Tourism Bureau issued news, starting from our city, 6 city in the province will set up a Fenhe Tourism alliance. The Alliance will expand the Taiyuan "friends circle", and cooperate in terms of cultural interoperability, industrial complementarity, brand mutual flopping, mechanism mutual promotion. The city’s cultural tourism cooperation exchange has been "online": incompetent into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Friends Circle", and constructs "Taiyuan Basin" "Tai Yu Economic Zone" integrated development pattern. The Weihe Tourism Alliance will explore the culturality of the Fuhe River, and create a new scene of cultivation of literature, and the intercity of intercity and literature resources around the Weihe River are effectively connected, integrated, and form a joint development circle.

  In terms of enriching tourism products, the city has been constantly moving, the Wenxin Festival activities and theme boutique tourism routes: "2021 Jinxiu Taiyuan · Ecological Xishan Sakura Culture Tourism Festival and Jinxiu Taiyuan Ambitions" "Dragon Boat Festival · ‘粽’ Taiyuan City "" Jinxiu Taiyuan · Summer Tour "" Jinxiu Taiyuan Summer " On October 20th, in China · Hundreds of Engine Wenlo Ecology Conference, January to September 2021, the top ten beautiful cities in the country, the tenth place in Taiyuan. (Chen Xinhua).

Zhang Chao: I think this is the appearance of youth.

Zhang Chao: I think this is the appearance of youth.

   On October 21, Ningxia Rock Painting Research Center Youth Cadre Zhang Chao was also collected in Qiqi Mountain Highway Ditch in Shizi Mountain in Shizuishan. In the face of sudden epidemic prevention and control situation, "community whistle, department report", Ningxia Rock Painting Research Center rapid action, rock painting digital information collection work presses the pause button.

  On the 22nd, Ningxia Rock Research Center quickly organized all party members to invest in the nucleic acid testing, cardoured value, resident service, and other volunteer work in West Tower community.

Because youth cadres Zhang Chao is not a party member, he has not been arranged to the volunteer service team. Seeing the party members put on the red vest, reverse the first line of the anti-vlohemosis, Zhang Chao is deeply touched and called. "This is the example, it is the figure I have to pursue, it is the appearance of youth."

After the meeting, Zhang Chao took the initiative to participate in the West Tower Community Volunteer Service. In the volunteer service, he is serious and responsible, passionately disinfected, arranges the timing of isolating the living garbage, fixed-place, and take the express delivery for the residents, do a good job in killing registration.

Zhang Chao found that the two killed in the community killed the watering can, took the initiative to help, received volunteers from community staff and bayonets. Zhang Chao said, "Although it is a small thing, serving others makes me full of pleasant strength.

"On October 28, he received an emergency notice on the Menter Office of the Autonomous Region and the Wenthouse of the Wenke, and the undercurrence of party members and cadres. The rock painting research center has 12 people, and 9 people are preserved, and the participating hall volunteer service faces people shortage difficulties. .

"I am young, I should go". In the face of the lover has been put into the first-line anti-vulcania, there is an old man and two children need to take care of it. Zhang Chao once again took the initiative to ask to the party members and cadres of the Wenbao system, sinking to the Lake-sur-Irgate Ningxin Court Community, participating in the epidemic prevention and control , Bayonets, verification, epidemic prevention, order maintenance, material distribution, 24-hour values ??and other work. In the work, you are not annoying to push the small cart and forth to the isolation residents to receive express delivery, doing a good isolation residentiality to persuade, building outside the building. Zhang Chao said, "Every time I see the sealing unit residents are praised for volunteers in the WeChat group, they are full of happiness, helping the masses to solve practical difficulties, is a young man who should be asked.

"At 22:30 on the 30th, returned to the resident community after the transfer of Tanang, found that the unit building has been closed, the most worrying thing in the heart still happened. 19:30 He is still at the lake-sur-Jiayuan Ningxin Court A volunteer of the 9th floor is taken off the volunteer red vest, obeying the epidemic prevention rules. At this time, he had to return home to the home monitoring.

Zhang Chao is regrettable.

Zhao Lijian said that China will continue to explore the mystery of the universe of the universe.

Zhao Lijian said that China will continue to explore the mystery of the universe of the universe.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that when he replied at the routine reporter on October 15, we welcome the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft victory to win; tomorrow morning, we will once again.Shenzhou No. 13 flying towards the space.

This not only vividly interprets the "special to suffer, especially the battle, special to fight, specially dedicated", is also the Chinese people face space dare to chase dreams, courage to explore, and never end.Concentrated.

This ladade 13 mission showed new efforts to explore this human common cause for manned spaceflights.China will continue to increase the depth and breadth of international cooperation and communication in the field of manned spaceflights, to explore the mystery of the universe, peaceful use of outer space, and promote the construction of human fate communities to make a positive contribution.(Reporter Warm) (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee have been stationed

The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee have been stationed

  According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, on October 14, the 9 municipal party committees of the Event of the eighth round of the Eleventh Municipal Committee will be stationed, and the 17 municipal organs and 17 bureau-level units they belong to. Party organizations have been carried out for a 2-month routine inspection.

During the inspector, the synchronous employment and institutional preparation discipline, ideology work responsibility system, and special inspection of inspection work. This approval insists on the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the Party’s 19th National and 19th Er, Sanzhong, Fourth Plenary Session, implementing the national inspection work conference and the city inspection patrol work meeting deployment requirements , Stick to political inspection and position, implement inspection of work policy, and put "two maintenance" as fundamental tasks, focus on the center, service overall situation, and strengthen political supervision. Investigating the Socialist Thought of Chinese Characteristics in Xi Pingping, Concerned the Party Regulations Party Regulations, Control Party ‘s Theoretical Road Policy and Party Central Decision Deployment, Concerned the Functional Responsibility and "Three Ding" provisions of the inspector unit, tighten the patrol party organization Functional responsibility, urge the "two maintenance" to implement the implementation; close attention to the comprehensiveness of the party’s stage sex, seize the main contradictions; close attention to the leadership team and "key few minority", and supervise the responsibility; tighten the people The highlights, play the role of the patrol close contact with the bridge of the masses. Key supervision and inspection and implementation of the party’s theory and route policy and the central, municipal party committee decision-making deployment, implementation of the situation of strict governance of party strategy, implement the organizational route of the new era, implement patrol, theme education, and audit rectification.

Closely combined with the current key tasks of the city’s overall exhibition prevention and economic and social development, strengthen the implementation of major decision-making deployments such as "six stable" and implement "six guarantees" tasks and other major decision-making deployments. Accurate the political attributes of the municipal government, promote the municipal organs before, the calculation rate, take the lead to "two maintenance", practice the "three episodes", and build a model agency.

  In the municipal party committee, the leader of the municipal party committee emphasized that the municipal government first is the political organ, the first is the political duties, and we must deeply understand the inspection of this batch is to promote the municipal government to strengthen the party’s political construction, and "two The political medical examination of a maintenance is to fulfill the responsibility of functions, enhance the management ability. It is a comprehensive and persevering of the strictly governance of the party, the main base of "strict" long-term persistence, is the development of people-centered development. Ideas, close the party’s important initiative to contact the people. The party organization of the municipal government should improve the political station, strengthen the awareness of the active acceptance supervision, strengthen the organization coordination, and firmly support the cooperation, encourage and support the cadres and the people to reflect the situation and problems related to the inspection, and do it, so that they will change, stand up and change Ensure that the inspector task is successfully completed.

  The main responsible comrades of each patrol unit organized will, will take the inspection as an opportunity to conscientiously study the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and resolutely put the ideological and action to the central and Municipal Party Committee’s major decision-making deployment, further enhanced " Four consciousness, firm "four confidence", do "two maintenance", consciously accept inspection supervision, full support, and actively cooperate with the city committee inspection team.

  The first two rounds of the Eleventh Municipal Party Committee will be announced to the public.


Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

Yuzhong District launched 2021 network security publicity week and network security into community activities

The 2021 network security publicity week event site in Yuzhong District.

Yinzhong District Committee Network Office for map, in recent years, Yuzhong District has focused on improving the financial system, doing excellent modern financial industries, and the city’s financial core status continues to consolidate. With the development of the financial industry, the continuous expansion of new financial services, the people urgently hopes to strengthen network security and anti-fraud and services in the financial sector.

Combined with the party history, "I do practical things for the masses", the propaganda department of Yuzhong District Committee, and the district committee network office jointly carry out multiple financial institutions, jointly carry out network security issues in the financial sector, especially financial fractures. 2021 渝 中区 cyber security publicity week and network security into community activities.

  At the launching ceremony, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch used a relaxed anti-network fraud scene drama, and the image demonstrated the financial fraud cases of real life to the old-age group, reminded the public to enhance the awareness of prevention and improving the ability.

The relevant person in charge of Yuzhong District will organize the Funding Volunteer Service Team of China Network Security Promotion Volunteers. The team will organize 20 volunteers to go to 54 communities to carry out a series of financial anti-fraud publicity volunteer service activities, and send the people concerned about cybersecurity knowledge. Thousands of households. Zhang Huilun, member of the Standing Committee of Yuzhong District Committee, Zhang Huilun, deputy director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Dai Quan, Vice President of the District CPPCC, jointly launched the 2021 network security publicity week in Yuzhong District.

  In the event, the "network security requests", the "network security, please listen to the" network security ", the district committee network, the district committee, the district committee propaganda department, the district committee network office, the district government office, and the network security request" is officially launched online. , Pay attention to the "WeChat" "WeChat" WeChat public number, or scan QR code to enter the "network security, please" WeChat applet can experience.

  Activity site, Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau, Qixinggang Street, Daxi Street, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Yuzhong Branch, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Chongqing Zhongzi Company, Chongqing Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd. and other 6 units and enterprises, combined with network security Knowledge, subregional exhibition, have award-winning, fun sports games, etc., attracts the active participation of the people and the residents of the masses and jurisdictions, letting network security into the brain in play. During the network security publicity week, the Ministry of Publicity Department of Yuzhong District Committee, the district committee network station will also associate with the district education committee, the district and foreign exchange committee, the district public security branch, the district financial office, the district general trade union, group district committee, District Women’s Federation, District The court and other departments, for different groups, the day, telecommunications day, legal day, financial day, adolescent day, personal information protection day, etc., etc. , Large LED screens and communities posted promotional posters, arranged related panels, play scrolling pictures, etc. Strengthen social publicity, through multiple publicity carriers such as media and network media marsions, comprehensively carry out online publicity, realize the full coverage of network security promotion, effectively improve All social security awareness and protection skills. (Liu Zhengning, Lin Xia) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

[100 hundred seconds, talk about party construction] Deputy General Manager of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., Party Secretary Jia Hongguang

[100 hundred seconds, talk about party construction] Deputy General Manager of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., Party Secretary Jia Hongguang

Jia Hongguang: The hundred years of stormy journey, the hundred years of vicissitudes change, the Chinese Communist Party is a hundred years of birth, I wish our party to innovate and innovate in the new journey! The party committee of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. has always around "do a good job in party building, and do a good job in the development and promoting the development of party construction".

Adhere to the implementation of the "three sessions and one lesson" system, enhance the quality of party members, strengthen the responsibility of party members; insist on encouraging innovative research, solidly promote the "innovative drive development" strategy, to carry out diversified party activities, stimulate party building new vitality, improve corporate cohesiveness . Adhering to the "Longguang Satellite" spirit "of" unity, innovation, struggle, pragmatism ", to" establish the Internet-based remote sensing information platform, continuously introduce innovative products "as the goal, and use the empty world to integrate remote sensing information products, and is committed to service 7 billion people worldwide, Changguang satellite will struggle for the brilliant tomorrow of China’s commercial remote sensing satellite. "The initial heart, mission is shoulder", in the company’s party building, further strengthen the fortress role of the party committee and branch, comprehensively strengthen the core and soul role of the party committee in the development process of enterprises, help the enterprise to pioneering and innovating, pursue excellence, climbing the peak, For the development transformation of Jilin Province, contributing to the development of China’s commercial space development. (Editor: Li Chengwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Ye Ting: Fire Hot Blood Casting (Struggling Broad Years Road Qihang New Journey · Number List)

Ye Ting: Fire Hot Blood Casting (Struggling Broad Years Road Qihang New Journey · Number List)

Ye Ting 2009 was elected "100 hero model character for the establishment of New China". Ye Qiang’s original name is inquiry, in 1896, in Guangdong, Huizhou, Huizhou. Enlightenment Teacher Chen Jingru changed its name "quite", meaning "people want to go up, Ye wants to be very tall", have strive, save the Chinese.

Ye Ting was read in Guangdong Army Primary School, Hubei Army Second Preparation School and Hebei Baoding Army Military Officer School. In 1917, he issued a long letter in "New Youth", expressing his "vibrating the world, the weakness and weakness".

In 1924, Ye Ting took to the Soviet Union, joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League in October of the same year, joined the Communist Party of China in December, and then fought in the revolutionary struggle for more than 20 years. After returning to the country in 1925, Ye Qian served as Director of Staff of the Fourth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, and later changing the head of the independent group and participated in the Northern Expedition. He led the independent group to enter the county, hitting the Ling, Ke Pingjiang, defeating the Nuo, taking Xianning, Meeting, the war, the attack, the "Iron Army" is far from this, "Northern Expedition" is enjoys Chinese and foreign. In August 1927, Nanchang Uprising No. Head blows, Ye Ting’s staff commander command; in December of the same year, Ye Ting participated in the leaders of Guangzhou Uprising, and became the commander of the Industrial and Affairs Red Army. After the uprising failed, he drifted overseas. At the beginning of the Japanese invasion, the state survived, Ye Ting resolutely returned to the country, served as the military commander of the New Fourth Army, commanded to carry out guerrilla war, create anti-Japanese base, more than 500 times for the enemy in more than 500 times, and wounded more than 7,000 people. In 1940, the Ye Quality Department got a significant victory of "sweeping".

In 1941, the southern China’s incident was shocked, and Ye Ting was illegally detained, and he was imprisoned in Shangrao, Guilin and other places.

More than 5 years of prison, Ye Ting is not afraid of the nationalist power to lure, and write a letter means "personal ejection to death"; and "Prisoner" Ming Zhi, "I have to get eternal in the fire and blood." In March 1946, Ye Ting finally released. After he was released afterwards, he called the Party’s central government and hoped to re-join the Communist Party of China.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, praised Ye Ting, who was loyal to the Chinese national liberation and the people’s liberation of 20 years. I have experienced various tests, decided to accept Ye Ting to re-join the Communist Party of China.

On April 8th, due to the plane crash, Ye Ting was killed in black tea mountains in Xingxian, Shanxi, and the body was buried in Yan’an "four eight" martyrs cemetery.

The beauty of the environment is bright, and the old yard has passed the song.

The beauty of the environment is bright, and the old yard has passed the song.

"There is very big here, like moving a new home!" The residents who were reheated in the event room said that they did not think that there was no warm gas in the past 40 years. More than 10 privately built all demolitions, the airlines in the air, The network cable, the cable TV cable "three-wire" is located.

The old people have more than 1200 square meters of day care centers, as well as exclusive entertainment rooms.

Since 2019, the Xinhua District, Pingdingshan City began to launch the renovation of the old community, built a group of courtesy with Xinhua, including the transformation of the No. 15, Shuguang Street, became a business card in many highlights.

Tang Meng, director of the Xinhua District Housing and Construction Bureau of Pingdingshan City, said that the district government has invested 4.2 million yuan in the community. By demolishing private compulsory, greening hardening, internal and external powder brush, governing the upper water pipe network, combing the strong and weak electricity to make the community The access control is prohibited from accessing the motor vehicles, and the new car shed, charging area, meets the need for non-motor vehicle parking and charging of residents. Opened more than 200 square indoor and outdoor event venues, renovating the east side of the courtyard, adding activities equipment and rest seats, and the residents’ fitness play in the community. Be face, he is more heavy. According to the security of the Xinhua Xinhua District Committee Secretary, Xinhua District has used the old community renovation work as an important starting of the urban human living environment, eliminating the urban dual structure, promoting urban quality improvement, through more complete infrastructure supporting construction, Good miles, pay attention to the first solving demand for people’s livelihood and other people’s livelihood such as hydropower polls, open the effective connection of residential areas and urban pipe network, reasonable planning static transportation and community microcirculation road construction, introduced wisdom parking, medical treatment, electricity, travel, etc. Wisdom City concept Improve urban soft strength, improve the sense of happiness and satisfaction of the public. The old-China community transformation is "warm heart project" is "Minsheng Engineering".

In Pingdingshan City, a total of 944 old communities built before 2000 were combined, gradually completed by three years, involving 10,637 houses in 3,169 buildings, and is expected to invest billions of dollars.

In 2021, Pingdingshan City plans to renovate 258 old communities, involving 24362 households in 766 buildings, transforming an area of ??10,000 square meters.

Constantly meeting the needs of the people’s lives, Henan Province has been increasing the old community renovation into Henan Province’s top ten people’s livelihood. Over the past two years, the province has completed the completion of 9884 communities, benefiting 1260,000 people. As of the end of October, 4084 communities in Henan were completed, involving thousands of people, and completing the annual target task.

According to statistics, there are about 10,000 old communities that meet the standards of renovation of renovation of the renovation of the renovation of the transformation, involving 1.9 million people.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Youth Teachers College Party Committee Party Secretary participated in the collective congregation of the Structure Class Teacher

Youth Teachers College Party Committee Party Secretary participated in the collective congregation of the Structure Class Teacher

On the afternoon of December 5, He Ruihu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yuzhang Teachers College, rang the door of the Marxist College, sitting with all the thinking and political classes, and launched the Group’s Collection Class Wisband for the Teaching Teachers Teachers in Yuzhang Teachers College.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Marxist college introduced the current situation and effectiveness of the reform of the school, and the interactive class teachers also surrounded the online teaching interaction form, teaching experiment reform, curriculum design, and three school collective preparation experience. The discussion is carried out.

After listening to the sharing of reporting and thinking, He Ruihu said to the practices of teachers to actively innovate the teaching methods of thinking and political education, and express their affirmation and appreciation.

He Ruihu pointed out that the ideological and political work is related to what kind of person to cultivate, how to cultivate people and to cultivate the fundamental problem for people, and do a good job in ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and the teaching and political teaching teaching is the party’s education. The main channels, and the thinking teachers are important "leaders", and the collective preparation will be an important way to interworking, and inspect education results.

He Ruihu emphasized that one must continue to improve the theoretical level and teaching level of the thinking class, adhere to the times, learn the latest theoretical knowledge, and build a cross-sectional communication mechanism of different professional teachers and thinking classes, let the people who are really faith come. Speaking of beliefs, enhance the intensive courses, influence. Second, in the innovative thinking teaching method, the practice of learning, adopting students who are happy, enhance the affinity and appeal of thinking students.

Third, we must insist on deepen the "online + practice" "1 + N" practice teaching model and system, give full play to the active initiative of teachers and students, tap their own advantages, actively, and education. The school party committee has always attached great importance to the work of thinking and political education, and insists on strengthening the construction of the intersection, the innovative courses system, creative practice teaching, etc.

The collective preparation contended for this thinking class teacher is also a powerful measures for the spirit of the spirit of the national colleges and universities.

(Duan Xuehui Wanbai) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.