Jingle promotes the normalization of the theme party day activities of the two new organizations

Jingle promotes the normalization of the theme party day activities of the two new organizations

  Recently, the innovative ideas and methods of the two new work committees of Jingle County, solidly promoted the theme party day activities of the party branch, burned the fire of organizational life, and realized the integration of the theme party day activities into daily life and often.

  Focusing on the theme party days activities such as "study and propagate and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s investigation and investigation and investigation of the important instructions of Shanxi", "How to do the new organizations of Jingle", "Grasp the Party Building Strong Governance and Promote Activation", to ensure that they do not turn off and have no taste.

On the basis of completing the four prescribed actions of the party’s oaths, paying party fees, recitation of party constitution and party regulations, and learning party’s innovation theory, they formulate different optional actions around the theme of monthly themes, and encourage the two new organization party organizations according to their own characteristics and innovative activities based on their own characteristics and innovative activities.The content has achieved both "party taste" and "interest", which further expands the influence of the two new organization’s party organizations.Zhang Qianqian (responsible editor: Chu Jialin, Liu Yang).

South Korea’s low fertility rate or the tide of closing of colleges and universities: Hugging children in one hand to make money

South Korea’s low fertility rate or the tide of closing of colleges and universities: Hugging children in one hand to make money

Not long ago, South Korea or the world’s first disappeared country has been searched, and to this day, South Korea’s low fertility rate or the trend of losing losses in colleges and universities have been searched again. What is the cause of the cause of the child to make money in one hand to make money, a survey in 2019, a survey in 2019, showing that only one -third of women in South Korea can return to work in the workplace after fertility.

For most Korean women, fertility means unemployment.

The economic pressure after fertility does not distinguish between men and women, allowing young Korean people to postpone marriage and fertility plans.

Other respondents said that the most talked about economic pressure now, and the rapid rise in real estate prices made people breathless, and they were even more discouraged about marriage and fertility.

02 Children in South Korea to reduce colleges or universities or have low fertility rates of losing down. For example, insufficient labor force will affect economic development momentum and push up medical costs and pension expenditures.

At the moment, some problems have appeared. The urban elementary school located in the East District of Seoul is a medium -sized school with nearly 900 students.

According to the principal of the school, not only the students have decreased year by year, but even the teachers are not much left. Sun Shi, President of the Primary School in Seoul, South Korea: There were 46 classes in the previous year, a total of 44 classes last year, and only 42 classes this year. The decrease in the number of classes also triggered a chain reaction. For example, the number of school teachers has also decreased. In the past, there were two teachers in moral education, and now there are only one.

Due to the decrease in the number of students, some Korean universities have enrolled difficulties.

According to statistics, the number of South Korean college entrance examinations in 2020 was 493,433, which was the first time since 1994 that it had fallen below 500,000. At the same time, the number of applicants for college entrance examinations in the 2020 school year was first lower than the total enrollment. People in the Korean educational community are generally worried that this dissatisfaction will continue, which will trigger a wave of university failure. Although the South Korean government continued to launch relevant measures as early as ten years ago to alleviate the phenomenon of low fertility, it was obviously insufficient. South Korea’s current young people are even known as a three -throw generation.

South Korea encourages Park Xijun, the chairman of the Fertility Association: Three tosses refer to the three things that abandon love and get married and have children, and even more, there are also five throws and seven throwing N throws, including houses and houses, interpersonal relationships, etc. Park Xijun believes that this is related to the generally felt economic pressure in young people, and behind the economic pressure is South Korea’s increasingly severe employment situation.

According to statistics, the well -known South Korean multinational groups, including Samsung and Hyundai, occupy almost half of the Korean economy. Although they can provide considerable treatment, employment opportunities are very limited. According to data released by the South Korean Department of Statistics at the beginning of the year, the employment population in South Korea in 2020 decreased by 10,000 compared with 2019, the largest decline since 1998.

Among the unemployment population, the unemployment rate of young people aged 15 to 29 is as high as 9%, which is much higher than 4%an average unemployment rate. Label:.

Middle School Senior Grade Sub -Class Education Bureau: Fairness and Justice

Middle School Senior Grade Sub -Class Education Bureau: Fairness and Justice

According to the news of the "Leadership Board" of the People’s Daily Online, in response to netizens’ complaints on "the first grade of the first grade of Yancheng Middle School in Jiangsu Province", the Yancheng Education Bureau said that after investigation, Yancheng Middle School Gao Gao Gao Gao Gao Gao Gao Gao Gao The re -class re -division of layered teaching in the first grade was carried out under the supervision of the disciplinary committee of the school. The comprehensive scores were based on the overall results. Development is not good, and it is also a damage to education fairness. Netizens left a message on the People’s Daily Online on April 4 to complain about the first grade of the first grade of Yancheng Middle School in Jiangsu Province to violate the documents of the Provincial Department of Education in advance.

Its claims: 1. Yancheng Middle School does not implement the documents of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, blatantly violates the law, and selects science classes in advance to cause bad public opinion; 2. Labels to high school students, and divide the class into the class in just one week of senior year. Category 4, seriously cracking down on students’ psychology, causing many students to be unhealthy and huge safety hazards; 3. Equipped with a serious unreasonable equipment for teachers in 4 classes, labeling to teachers, there is a great educational unfairness; 4. The division process process There is an output of interests in China, and the division process is not public.

In response to Yancheng Middle School’s above -mentioned violations, the leader urged the leader to make Yancheng Middle School immediately rectify. The Yancheng Education Bureau made a detailed reply on April 19: 1. Investigate the basic situation of the last semester and the beginning of this semester, many parents of the first grade of Yancheng Middle School have successively reflected the demands through various ways. I hope that the school can combine the actual situation of discipline teachers. On the basis of concentrating forces to ensure that all discipline courses are opened, it is appropriate to increase selective compulsory courses for students to choose from, and increase the guidance of students’ career planning, so that students can determine a more reasonable selection intention based on their own actual situation. In order to respond to the urgent needs of most parents and students and guide students to meet the requirements of the new college entrance examination as soon as possible, the school refers to the practice of some schools at the same level in the province to ensure that all compulsory discipline teaching is difficult to reduce, the teaching content is not reduced, and the teaching plan is completed. Students can enjoy stratified teaching under the premise that the rights and interests of compulsory courses and compulsory courses are not subject to any damage to the rights and interests of compulsory courses, so that students can better adapt to elective subjects in advance. In the future learning process, students can still re -choose according to their own actual situation.

10 burning videos!The youth to the struggle

10 burning videos!The youth to the struggle

  Struggle is the brightest background of youth.On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Youth League, the news media launched a series of new media products with rich content, diverse forms, and close to young people.

Among them, the creative short videos are particularly dazzling. One frame frame, a scene, shows us the hearts of the generations of young people and the people of the motherland and the people, listen to them singing the song of the youth in the new era … Today, China RememberThe editorial department of the Xiewang shared 10 short videos with you, let us draw strength and move forward from it, show the responsibility of youth in the new era of hard work and the new era of work, and compose the struggle.

People’s Daily: "Youth Up".

"Centennial Struggle 100 jaar" – Viering van de 100-jarig jubileum van de Stichting van de Communistische Partij van China Nieuws Fotografie Tentoonstelling

"Centennial Struggle 100 jaar" – Viering van de 100-jarig jubileum van de Stichting van de Communistische Partij van China Nieuws Fotografie Tentoonstelling

Dit jaar is het 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China. Op 1 juli, 2021, is algemene secretaris van de Communistische Partij van China Xi Jinping plechtig in Tiananmen-toren: na het blijven worstelen door alle mensen van het hele gezelschap, hebben we de eerste honderd jaar strijd bereikt en een goed uitgerust De maatschappij in China is uitgebreid voltooid. Historisch opgelost absolute armoedeproblemen, en bewegen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd voor een uitgebreide constructie van socialistische modernisering op een hele ronde manier.

Dit is de grote glorie van de Chinese natie! Dit is de grote glorie van de Chinese mensen! Dit is de grote glorie van de Communistische Partij van China! De eeuwse reis is prachtig en het einde van het jaar is lang.

De Chinese Communistische Partij is erg onaanthaler geweest. Het is honderd jaar van het Chinese mensen om het historische lot te veranderen. Het is honderd jaar van de Chinese natie die in grote verjonging wordt geleverd. Het is China honderd jaar bijdrage aan alle menselijke ontwikkeling.

Honderd jaar zijn veel mensen nog steeds in het oog, vele schreeuwen en zang liggen net naast het oor. Loop door de wind en regen, maak een wonder in de wereld. In juli, in juli, in juli, marxisme als een leidende ideologie, werd de partij in de groep van het communisme geboren als een strijd. In het hart van het geloof, de arrogantie, de droom, in de rijzende zon van Shixumen, Shanghai, resoluut in de blauwe golven van Jiaxing South Lake.

Sindsdien wordt het socialistische vuur ontstoken in het oosten, en China die is gevallen om te hopen! De reis van de honderd jaar is prachtig, en het is briljant.

Al meer dan honderd jaar heeft de Communistische Partij van China de Chinezen geleid om niet-aflatende strijd, onverschrokken offers te maken en voortdurend te cre?ren.

Na de niet-aflatende inspanningen van alle mensen van het hele gezelschap heeft Shenzhou University een nieuwe dag van de wereld: sociale harmonie, nationale eenheid, economische ontwikkeling, sterke verdediging en uitgebreide ontwikkeling van wetenschap en onderwijs, wegen, spoorwegen, west, noord -water, hoge damstandaard, de brug, de lucht, de weg; bemande ruimte, de maan, de draak in de zee, de Sky-Eyed Star, het Beidou-netwerk, Zhu Rong opende de Mars-tour, we overwinnen ook het overstromingsijs en sneeuw, tyfoon aardbeving, enz. Grote natuurramp en SARS, nieuwe kroon en andere belangrijke epidemie.

Na de wind en de regen is de adem intiemer, en de houding is recht. General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop dat de Communistische Partij van China in de afgelopen 100 jaar een superieur antwoord op de mensen heeft overgedragen. Staan in het sleutelnotode van de geschiedenis van de strijd van ‘twee honderd jaar’, zullen we een "100-jarigehonderd jaar" houden – vieren de 100e verjaardag van de Communistische Partij van China het "China Miracle" in de Menselijke ontwikkeling van menselijke ontwikkeling gecre?erd door de mensen van het hele land.

Begeleidingseenheid: China National Journalist Association Sponsor: China Nieuws Fotografie Samenleving China Industrie Nieuwsvereniging Guangming Netwerk Participatie Co-Organizer: China Nieuws Fotografie Samenleving Logsuch Nieuws China Nieuws Fotografie Samenleving County Media Branch Guangming Network Guangming Picture Division Fotografie Wereldmagazine People’s Photy News Releases: Mensen Dagelijks Xinhua Nieuws Agentschap Bevrijding Leger Nieuws Garen Dagelijks economisch dagelijks China Daily China Nieuwsvereniging Dagelijks China Jongeren Dagelijkse Boer Dagelijkse Rechtstijd Dagelijkse Volksveiligheid Nieuws China Water Volume China Education Nieuws China Verkeersnieuws China Noodbeheer China Personal News Health News China Personne Raketten bankverzekering nieuws China zakelijke tijden mensen spoorweg nieuws China spoorweg bouw nieuws china luchtvaartnieuws china luchtvaartmaatschappijen china petroleumnieuws china marine petroleum nieuws yingdom media staatsnet nieuws china elektrische macht nieuws China nieuws China kwaliteit nieuws China meteorologisch nieuws China burgerlijk luchtvaart nieuws China toerisme China Groen tijden china intellectueel eigendom China immigratie management nieuws China kolennieuws China post express nieuws China industrieel nieuws China chemische industrie nieuws China consumptie china zakelijke dagelijkse, China, China dagelijkse shanxi dagelijkse xinmin avondnieuws Chongqing ochtendnieuws Nanjing Daily Fuzhou Dagelijks Lhasa Dagelijks Changjiang Dagelijks Wuhan avond nieuws Dalian Daily Sunshan Daily Wuxi Daily Zhuhai Special Zone Nieuws Zhujiang Times Xianyang Daily Southeast Morning Post Texas Dagelijkse Wenzhou Dagelijkse Nantong Daily Hengyang Daily Mushan Daily Daily Sanming Daily Baicheng Daily Karamay Daily Xing’an Daily Jiujiang Daily Yibin Daily Jiujiang Jinhua Daily Tongliao Daily Shanglui Dagelijks Probleem melden Lilong Daily Yangpu Time Report Li Water Daily Huangshi Daily Zhoushan Daily Zhangzhou Daily Dandong Daily Xi Xi Daily Weinan Daily Tianshan Times Nanchang Daily Zhenjiang Daily Jianghuai Times Pengcheng Evening Krant Jiaxing Daily Nanhu Daily Huizhou Daily Xiaogan Daily Lijiang Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Yu Yao Daily Shishi Daily Airport Shuangliu Nieuws Klik om de onderste pagina te bekijken.

"416 vrouwen team spelen op" Populaire traditionele kunstinject vitaliteit in het tijdperk

"416 vrouwen team spelen op" Populaire traditionele kunstinject vitaliteit in het tijdperk

  Onlangs, de Shanghai Theatre Academy van de professionele Beijing Opera 5 "00" na het meisje vuur. Ze zetten muziek in de moderne opera zingen, een verse interpretatie van het lied, mensen luisteren naar inspirerend.

Omdat de meeste wonen in de "416 kwartalen", waren vrienden bekend als "The 416 Women’s Team Play."

Momenteel heeft hun cumulatieve punt zoals Opera-gerelateerde video’s 20 miljoen overschreden.

Alleen "in het raam," één, op het korte videoplatform om te spelen op meer dan 50 miljoen totaal, een hoeveelheid van meer dan 2,5 miljoen punten lof.

Na het zien van de video nemen veel gebruikers het initiatief om de opera te begrijpen, en zelfs een nieuwe hobby ontdekken, de Peking Opera.

  "416 vrouwen op de showgroep" Populair, laten we de vitaliteit van de traditionele cultuur in het hedendaagse zien.

Traditionele culturele warm in de afgelopen jaren Gedouwen bloeiende traditionele kunstgrond. Jonge mensen gekleed in Chinese kleding verschijnen vaak in het gebied, musea, oude muziek is gewone praktijk geworden, "Tide Country" -merk gewild … met het groeiende culturele zelfvertrouwen, voor de massa’s, vooral jonge Chinese traditionele Cultuur van acceptatie en liefde, is hedendaagse sociale verschijnselen aanzienlijk geworden. "2021 Vibrato Niet-theatraal Heritage Data Report" laat zien dat Vibrato niet-erfgoed met vibrato-weergave cumulatief 60 miljard tijden speelt; het laatste jaar, niet-erfgoedtheatervideo-afspeelvolume groeide 1 keer; "90" " "Jongeren luisteren naar een stuk om de hoofdkracht te worden, 52% van het totale publiek.

Deze gegevens, het is de Peking-opera en andere traditionele kunst tot eigentijds, tot de krachtige jonge voetnoot. Door de traditionele cultuur hete wind, "het 416 vrouwen team spelen" en "de cirkel" is ook vanzelfsprekendheid.

  Innovatie-expressie voor de traditionele kunsten innovatiever en smaak van de tijd.

Klassieke kunst heeft vaak beroep door tijd en ruimte, maar heeft ook een tijdloze vitaliteit.

In honderdduizenden jaren in omloop, traditionele kunst met zijn rijke culturele erfgoed en esthetische erfgoed raakte talloze mensen. Erfgoedkunst is echter niet blindelings retro ouderwetse, traditionele kunsten hebben ook hedendaagse uitdrukking nodig. Onder het uitgangspunt van stokkunst zelf, in de tijdperk en esthetische waarde, om de creatieve transformatie van traditionele kunst, innovatie en ontwikkeling te bevorderen. Het ‘416 vrouwen team speelt op de "grensoverschrijdende manier, de opera en de nationale windmix en matchen nummers, Peking Opera Popular Network Drive, opnieuw bewees dat traditionele kunst niet highbrow is, de gebeurtenis-geliefde vorm van expressie, kan botst een nieuwe vonk. Met een korte video en andere opkomende communicatieplatform kan traditionele kunst jongeren beter bereiken.

Naar opera, de traditionele manier om tv of voor het theater te kijken, maar beide jonge mannen hebben niet veel tijd om het theater in te lopen, maar ook een zeldzame wending op de tv. Korte video en andere nieuwe communicatieplatform om de beperkingen van de tijd te doorbreken, zodat de traditionele kunst binnen handbereik. Peking Opera 王珮瑜 Langetermijnrecord korte video gewijd aan het publiekse opera. " Sinds 2019 spelen "416 vrouwen team op" aanhoudende release in een korte video-platform Dagelijkse praktijk, concertvideo, soms in de slaapzaal om opera rush make-up, kostuums, make-up, kostuums, gebaren te tonen, gebruikers onderscheid maken tussen verschillende scholen. Verhalen, genoemde kennis, korte video verlengde niet alleen de traditionele toneelkunsten, maar ook voor zijn interactieve, leuke, jonge en vernauwde de afstand tussen traditionele kunst.

  In feite is "416 vrouwen op de showgroep" niet alleen. Meer en meer jonge mannen om te leren van de Chinese traditionele cultuur in de huidige trend van voedingsstroom, revitaliseren de traditionele kunst van het tijdperk.

Jeugd Peking Opera Acteur Wang Mengen met een sterk gevoel van ritme van de achtergrondmuziek met opera dressing, in een kort videoplatform heeft bijna 90 miljoen fans aangetrokken; liang ying normale anqing Huangmei opera uitvoerende professionele 2017, op grond van Huangmei cover korte video werd Populair, won de lof van bijna 700 WAN; "Na 95" Peng Jing Zheng Spin Spelen in de straten van Frankrijk, laat Chinese folkmuziek om meer kijkers in binnen- en buitenland te krijgen erkend …… Deze industrie die gespecialiseerd is in een operatie, Esthetische smaak en goed uitgezette peers van jonge makers kijken naar gewoonten, om interpretatie van de reproductie van het klassieke, traditionele kunst ge?nspireerd publiek enthousiasme en verlangen te personaliseren. In de lange geschiedenis van duizenden jaren cre?erde de Chinese traditionele cultuur een collectief geheugen van het Chinese volk, de unieke culturele genen van de Chinese natie. Kijk uit naar meer innovatieve mensen die uitdrukken over het Chinese verhaal, in de geest van de tijd om de vitaliteit van de Chinese traditionele cultuur te activeren, zodat de traditionele kunst namens veel mensen, zodat ons gemeenschappelijke culturele geheugen eindeloos, eindeloos. (Lai Rui) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (07 editie 15 december 2021).

[The road to growth · Mongrong and a total] VLOG 丨 Hong Kong youth He Yaowei: What experience is it in the Dawan District?

[The road to growth · Mongrong and a total] VLOG 丨 Hong Kong youth He Yaowei: What experience is it in the Dawan District?

Recommended reading in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, located on the banks of the Yellow River, has a rich traditional Chinese village resource and a long-standing unique folk song culture.

In order to more scientifically protect and develop cultural resources, the local party committee, the government conduct extensive research, contact unburring cooperation with corresponding discipline advantages, At present, teachers and students from Beijing Jiaotong University, China Music Academy have been invited, and in the local area Listing established a cooperative base. 2021-11-1209: 22 "100 million!" On the 11th, China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company came to good news – as of 16:00 on the same day, the company’s 2021 natural gas production exceeded 30 billion cubic mirage, Add 3 billion cubic meters from the same period last year.

This achievement is 33 days earlier than last year.

2021-11-1209: Before the 21st, the National Key Laboratory of Zhujiang Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research results of the National Key Laboratory of Process Projects, Peking University, etc. Research "Total-based arsenic targeting to different types of leukemia It has a strong anti-white blood treatment effect, published in the Science Magazine "Natural · Nanotechnology". 2021-11-1209: 19 Not long ago, the China Manned Space Project Office issued a photo taken in the track, and many people notice a detail – there is a layer of glowing boundaries outside.

Is this an atmosphere? Why is it "bright" in the night sky? What is the height of this layer? What is the principle of glow? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor shower is the romantic colorful sky. Astronomical Science Experts introduction, Taurus North Flow Rain and Leo Meteor Shower will usher in November 12th and 18th. Although the traffic is not large, if the luck is good, friends who like the meteor shower will have the opportunity to see the bright fireflow star. 2021-11-1209: 15 You have a problem "release list", I have "unveiled" with this matter. On November 4, the reporter learned from the Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province that the bureau has "released" 8 "revealed" project list this year, and the "public Zhang Bo" is open to the whole country.

The total investment of each project is between 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan. 2021-11-1209: 13 Recently, the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department presided over the provincial department to jointly establish a chemical imaging material and technical state key laboratory, and the provincial department of mining rock formation intelligent control and green mining national key laboratory construction application Reporting the report. This means that the two laboratories in Shandong have become the key points and enters the "acceleration period". 2021-11-1209: 12 "Now the city’s traffic congestion is also very common, how to solve traffic pollution? One of them is to transport the goods to the ground, build the underground smart logistics and transportation system of the city.

If this system is built, people buy any items only need to click on the mouse, and the purchased goods are like tap water. The automatic shipment cabinets that flow into the ‘residential community through the underground pipe … "2021-11-1209: 111.9 The fourth session closes. This session of the International Exhibition of this session uses new technical means such as virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional modeling, to build a standardized digital exhibition hall for exhibitors, and interactive functions, improved Online display effect. 2021-11-1209: 10 According to the American Fun Science website, the new model of Sino-American scientists work together shows that more than 28,000 tons related plastic waste during the new crown epidemic, such as masks and Gloves, eventually flowing into the ocean. 2021-11-1209: 09 A immunological study published on the 11th of the United Kingdom pointed out that the exposure of other coronaviruses may increase the speed of the body to remove new crown viruses because the immune system has "Memory" can remember the viral replicas that are highly conserved in different coronaviruses.

2021-11-1209: 08 A linguistic research published on the 10th of the UK Preschool, including the Pan – European – including Japanese, Korean, Tonggu, Mongolian, Turkic – may all originate from about 9000 China has spread in China and in the development of agriculture. This study helped clarifying a paragraph in the history of Eastern Europe. 2021-11-1209: 07 By Ai– is usually driven by the machine learning algorithm will help us in an increasingly innovative way. For example, smart cars use facial recognition algorithm to detect whether the driver pays attention to the road condition, and make reminders when the driver feels exhaustion and fatigue; smart phone uses the AI ??algorithm to do everything, from keeping call quality to help us to shoot better photos, etc. .

021-11-1209: 07 The latest issue of "Natural" magazine issued a study revealed how palmitic acid changes the possibility of cancer the proliferation of cancer.

Researchers said they have developed the therapy of this process, and clinical trials may be started in the next few years. 2021-11-1209: 06 There are a lot of sparkling packaging, cosmetic bottles, fruit plates, etc. in life, but many of them are made from poisonous and unsustainable materials, which will cause plastic pollution.

2021-11-1209: 06 As the chief expert of epidemiology of China Disease Control and Prevention

2021-11-1209: 05 The first "desert soil" ecological restoration technology, in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., the trial transfer mechanics to be the reality. This team that uses "black technology" to heal, from Chongqing, no desert, from Chongqing Jiaotong University, known as the bridge. After the seemingly "ignore", it is the exploration of the schoolmaster and ecological cross-innovation. 2021-11-1109: 42 The State Council recently issued the "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan" proposed, focusing on the implementation of energy green low-carbon transitions, implementing energy-saving and carbon-producing action, etc. "Carbon Peak Ten Action".

2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, the school’s Life Science and Medical Department and the First Affiliated Hospital Xiong Wei’s topic group An important role in this neurochondium in this nerve circle in regulating the recruitment.

The research results were published on November 4th in "Nature · Communication." 2021-11-1109: 39 Biological Nitrogen as a potential new type of nitrogen fertilizer source, is of great significance for agricultural sustainable development.

In legumen biological nitrogen, the content and components of the bean hemoglobin directly affect the activity of the nitrogenase in the steroids and play a key role.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group and Cooperation Team first discovered the molecular mechanism of the expression of bean hemoglobin gene in signs in the rootoma. .

Китайские потребители потратили большие сумм на покупки во время онлайн шопинг-сестиваля по случаю дня олостяка

Китайские Потребители потратили большие сумм на Покупки во время онлайн шопинг-сестиваля по случаю дня олостяка

Ханчжоу, 12ноября / Синьхуа / – Вовремяшопинг-фестиваляпослучаю "Дняхолостяка" / 11ноября / объемпродажнаплатформеэлектроннойкоммерцииTmallкитайскогогигантаинтернет-торговли "Алибаба" /Alibaba/составил540,3млрдюаней/около84,54млрддолл.США/,чтосвидетельствуетожизнеспособностипотребительскогорынкаиэкономическойустойчивостистраны.СогласноданнымкорпорацииAlibaba,вовремяшопинг-фестивалявэтомгодунауказаннойплатформебылозарегистрировано78брендов,торговыйобороткаждогоизкоторыхпревысил100млнюаней,аврамкахподобногофестивалявпрошломгодупоказательукаждогоизнихсоставлялболее10млнюаней.Крометого, объемпродажкаждогоиз698малыхисреднихбрендоввыроссболеечем1млнюанейдоболеечем10млнюаней.Вэтомгодучислоонлайн-магазинов, принявшихучастиевшопинг-фестивалепослучаю "Дняхолостяка" навышеупомянутойплатформе, превысило290тыс.Доляпокупателей1990-хи2000-хгодоврождениясоставилаболее45проц.Вместестем, числопотребителей, родившихсяв2000-хгодах, вырослона25проц.посравнениюспоказателямипрошлогогода, сообщиливкомпании.Напомним, чтов2009годуAl Ibabaвпервыепровелафестивальонлайн-шопинга11ноября, Которыйсредикитайскоймолодежииивестенкак "Деньхолостяка" ..

Young people are keen to "play outdoors", Diste’s first "hard core" sports trend equipment at the winner

Young people are keen to "play outdoors", Diste’s first "hard core" sports trend equipment at the winner

Breeze and gentle, when the spring and summer with moderate temperature alternate, the enthusiasm of outdoor sports has been ignited by young people again. For young people in the gain, playing outdoors has become a healthy, beautiful, and trendy lifestyle. This The enthusiasm of the young trend has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign first -tier brands. As a professional sports brand, Diste, it integrates technology, design, and materials. Personal needs.

With the genuine ecology and trend attributes, I have won a large number of young people who pursue quality consumption. For professional brands such as Descente, they can understand the lively lifestyle and trend consumption trend of young people. Only New products that resonate with young people have resonated with young people. Carsely interaction with youthful groups can not only stimulate brand innovation, but also effectively promote international brands to quickly open the young consumer market. Professional sports brand Descente (DESCENTE) has a series of equipment series for the Trinity Running Movement of the Trinity Running Movement. In addition to the use of design, functions, materials and other technologies The dressing experience is to convey the spirit of defeating self, tenacity, and brave movement. Descente (Descente) this time on the limited edition of the woven sports jacket jacket, in addition to the technology fabric of the ultra -light nylon shuttle fabric, there is also a series of Dualzip dual zipper systems unique to Diste to make it fresh. The air is realized in the inside and outside, the air passes through the body and then the air is discharged from the back holes to ensure the breathability and comfort under long -term exercise. Essence The tops and pants are all from the Diste Running series. They feel soft, wear thin and indifferent, and they are not easy to deform. The obedient user Xiao Jia shared his sports dress in the community and praised Diste as a choice of professional sports. Young people are pursuing personalized and diversified trend items, so they have become the first choice for many young groups to buy tide cool new products. The new product of the gain is exploring the young consumer market, exploring the preferences and lifestyles of young people, incorporated innovation and technology into product design, and is committed to meeting the personality needs of young people.

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Let the spirit of the rule of law take root in the countryside (on -site comments)

Let the spirit of the rule of law take root in the countryside (on -site comments)

Original title: Let the spirit of the rule of law take root in the countryside (on -site review) to further do a good job in law education, improve the level of agricultural law enforcement, improve the public legal service of agriculture -related people, do not abandon the micro -end and long time, promote the improvement of rural legal services The leaflet was launched three and a half sentences, and the people’s doubts were answered on the spot … In some village and town markets in Jilin Province, the police officers of the people’s court were the law on the spot for the masses.

The law enters the village and cultivates the legal person. Strengthening the rural construction of the rule of law is the basic work of implementing the strategy of rural revitalization and promoting the rule of law in accordance with the law. In 2020, the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Rural Rural Rural Villages" issued by the Central Committee of the Central Committee in accordance with the law of the Central Committee in accordance with the law of the Central Committee should step out a road of socialist rural rural areas with Chinese characteristics that meet the characteristics of the new era and reflect the characteristics of the new era. Since 2021, Lishu County, Siping City, Jilin Province has promoted judges, township political and legal members, and village cadres to build judicial service grids to provide villagers with legal services at their doorsteps. At present, this service grid has covered 304 administrative villages and 2810 villagers. Practice has proved that opening up the "last mile" of rural construction in the rule of law needs to take the initiative and cooperate with multiple parties to promote the sinking line and sinking the countryside in public legal service forces. Let the seeds of the rule of law be rooted in the countryside, and do a good job of law popularization. On the road of revitalization in the countryside, rural development and farmers’ income increase will face some new situations, and it is necessary to further do a good job in the popularization of law. To this end, Lishu County establishes a "judge saying something". The judge enters the village every month. In the spring, it is said to contract the land.

A villager said with emotion: "The judge did not read the law, raised the village example, and gave a real suggestion. We were willing to listen and listened.

"Based on reality, focusing on the needs, promoting the law enters the village and households in an easy -going and happy way, so that the work of law popularization is more targeted and effective, and the distance between the law and the masses is closer.

  To build a rural countryside, work methods need to be improved. A judge said: "Disputes between villagers are sometimes to fight.

"How to solve the contradictions and let the villagers serve, test the working method.

In Lishu County, some villagers came to the court for resolution due to land disputes.

When a judge came to the ground, after asking the two parties to measure the area, he talked about the law and mediation on the spot: "In the autumn, how much food does this land grow? And, one of them also took the initiative to make concessions.

Going into the front line, understanding the truth, and working on the spot not only help to resolve contradictions, but also promote law education.

To build a rural countryside, more legal workers who need to lean down to inspect the people also need to summarize experience and form mechanisms in a timely manner to drive more grass -roots legal service agencies to participate in practical affairs for private affairs. To build a rural countryside, it is also necessary to consolidate the power. The first step is to learn the law and the law, so that more people understand the use of the law and form the atmosphere of the law and respect the law, which is more critical. In Jilin Province, a number of villagers with legal foundations and mass foundations in Dongliao County will participate in legal training to allow villagers to mediate disputes for villagers; Tongyu County concentrated training in various villages and promotes them to open laws. " Hao Hao Lecture Hall. The people are the main body of the rural construction of the rule of law, and the rural construction of the rule of law must also rely on the masses. When there are more and more "laws and people" in the village, doing things in accordance with the law will become people’s habits and consciousness, and rural governance can reach a new level according to law. In many villages in Jilin Province, the cultural walls of the rule of law are attracted attention. In the form of comic stories, illustration knowledge, etc., the legal content that is closely related to the masses has not only beautified the village environment, but also cultivated the culture of rule of law. Further do a good job of education education, improve the level of agricultural law enforcement, and improve the public legal services of agricultural -related agriculture, and do not abandon micro -end and long -term work. Promote rural legal services to improve quality and efficiency. sense.

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